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Fitness Quest, the infomercial company for exercise equipment, has a line of recumbent bikes that provide adjustable magnetic resistance for effective customized workouts. The company website currently offers one such bikes for sale; the Edge 297. The other recumbent bike for sale, the Edge 440 offers electronic resistance control for ease in changing levels. The prices on the two bikes are very comparable, so we will examine the special features included in the Edge 297 to see how this bike stacks up against the competition in the recumbent bike industry.

Recumbent bikes are one means of aerobic exercise, offering consumers the ability to burn a significant number of calories from the comfort of home. These machines will often provide information on their controls like the distance traveled and the number of calories burned, so users can track their progress and update fitness goals as they see fit. The Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike uses magnetic resistance, which has many advantages. First the bike tends to be quieter, since the resistance is adjusted through currents in the magnetic field. These types of bikes also take less wear and tear, and put less stress on the user. In most cases, magnetic resistance is more expensive than other types of exercise equipment, but the Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike is available for a fairly reasonable price.

Product Features

The Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike offers eight levels of resistance that allows plenty of room for customization of workouts. The ergonomic handlebars and molded seat provide comfort, even during the longer exercise sessions. The bike comes equipped with a fitness computer that can track time, speed, RPMs, and an estimate of calories burned. Hand pulse sensors also allow users to track heart rate during workouts.

At the time of this review, the Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike can be purchased from the company website for a reduced price of $230. The original price of this model was about $250. All Fitness Quest products purchased from the company website come with a 20-day money back guarantee. However, shipping costs to return the item fall on the customer.

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  • The Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike provides calorie burning exercise.
  • The magnetic resistance is quiet and puts less stress on the equipment and on the user.


  • The Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike will only work if it is used regularly.
  • There is no additional motivation, like an online support group, included.
  • The equipment does not include nutritional information or a supplement to aid in weight loss goals.


Exercise is often the hardest component of a weight loss program for many dieters. Having a piece of equipment readily available at home, like the Fitness Quest Magnetic Bike, may make daily exercise easier to accomplish. However, exercise is only one part of the equation. We recommend a regular workout routine to be combined with a low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement for best diet results.

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    I want to know how a magnetic bike works. I already bought one but I feel like it’s quite hard to use it. Thanks.