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If you have ever spent time checking out infomercials on the tube, you are probably already familiar with the concept behind the Fitness Quest Total Gym. This piece of exercise equipment has been widely touted by its celebrity endorsers, Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. And who wouldn’t want bodies like theirs, right? However, celebrity backing does not make an effective workout device, so we will need to look more closely at the Fitness Quest Total Gym to see how it stacks up against similar types of exercise tools.

The Fitness Quest Total Gym is sold on the company and product websites, as well as through a number of online retailers. It is also marketed through infomercials hosted by Brinkley and Norris. According to the product website, Norris has used the Fitness Quest Total Gym for 30 years and Brinkley has worked with it for 10. The machine promises strength training, aerobic activity, flexibility and weight loss through just 10-20 minutes of exercise a day. The product website provides information about the products, as well as customer and celebrity testimonials underscoring the benefits of this machine.

Product Features

The Fitness Quest Total Gym offers more than 80 exercises designed to work all of the muscle groups in the body. Resistance is provided by a percentage of your body weight and can be increased for harder workouts by increasing the incline of the machine. The ergonomic glide board comes with attachments for additional exercises. The entire device folds easily for convenient storage and the ability to work multiple muscle groups at one time means shorter workout time for maximum results.

At the time of this review, the Fitness Quest Total Gym can be purchased from the company website for about $240. Upgraded versions of the basic model can be purchased on the product website for anywhere between $599 and $1448. Currently, the product website is offering free shipping on purchases and a 30-day trial for just a dollar. Installment payments can automatically set up for purchases.

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  • The Fitness Quest Total Gym provides a complete workout in a single unit.
  • The product website offers free shipping and a free trial offer.


  • Exercise equipment is only effective if it is used regularly.
  • The Total Gym doesn’t provide sufficient cardiovascular activity for weight loss.
  • The gym is expensive compared to other weight loss programs.


There is no doubt that a fitness program that includes aerobic activity, strength training and flexibility exercises is the first component to a successful weight loss program. However, we believe that a low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement are also important. If you want to try out the Fitness Quest Total Gym on the free 30-day trial, now is a good time, but make sure you are also incorporating diet and a proven supplement for best results.

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    Westide Barbell

    I also take medicine to control my BP so I am worried if this Fitness Quest Total Gym will do any side impact on me.