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Fitness Together is a personal training service that offers one free session to new clients. There is a search engine available to locate local personal fitness studios or gyms participating in the program. Steve Gagliardo is the owner of Fitness Together and a personal trainer. The company started in 1996 with the aim to connect people searching for private fitness consultation to personal trainers offering the service.

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Private personal training resource.

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Going to a gym can be hard for some dieters. There is a ton of unfamiliar equipment and people who are clearly already in shape and fit. Personal training provides one-on-one support for dieters who want to take advantages of a personal fitness studio or gym, but have little knowledge of the best way to workout or proper exercises for weight loss and toning. Fitness Together helps to connect these dieters with personal trainers in a given area for a free personal training session and regular workouts, if desired.

Unlike public gyms with thousands of square feet and hundreds of machines, Fitness Together is a private business franchise. Trainers own and operate their own Fitness Together studio focusing on one-to-one personal training. Most studios are open by appointment only and personal trainers work with clients privately, not out in the open.

Even though a free training session is available from participating studios, we have little doubt the cost of private personal training would be affordable for all dieters. We did find some studios that employed more than one personal trainer. This does not mean a ton of people will be working out in a huge open space like a typical gym. Instead, it seems personal trainers have a space in which training is performed.

There are studios located in 38 states, including Hawaii. States with no Fitness Together locations include Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky and West Virginia. Limited locations could prevent some dieters from accessing the Fitness Together service.

There is no direct information about diet, nutrition or supplementation on the Fitness Together website. In the fitness tips section, the dieter can find answers to some common dieting problems such as when to time workout to burn more calories.

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  • Website is easy to navigate.
  • Personal fitness training could help dieters lose more weight.


  • Limited locations.
  • Cost may be more than a dieter can afford.
  • Working out does not control eating or hunger.


We love the idea of working out more, but Fitness Together offers a solution that is probably more expensive than other alternatives. Exercise is important to weight loss, but we feel a brisk walk can do just as much as a personal trainer who will inevitably charge more than the cost of a walk – FREE.

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    Hi Matt – had my hip surgery Feb.1st – just now beginning to feel better – hope tog et back to you in the Spring.