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“Fitonics for Life” is a weight loss book written by husband and wife team Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Donald Burton Schnell. Diamond is best know for co-authoring the popular diet book “Fit for Life” with first husband Harvey Diamond more than 20 years ago. The premise of this original book was that it was not what you ate as much as the timing and combination of food that made the difference in weight loss. “Fitonics for Life” is a weight loss book that stresses the importance of the mind-body connection in dropping pounds, and discusses latest facts on nutrition, exercise and positive thinking.

While there is certainly a connection between stress and overeating, we are highly skeptical of books that focus on changing the way we think to lose weight. In addition, the book only appears to stress about twelve minutes of exercise a day, with very little aerobic activity included. While there does seem to be some information available in the text about supplementation, it doesn’t appear that products specifically designed for weight loss are addressed. However, there is a full chapter devoted to hypno-meditation and another for positive thinking.

Product Features

“Fitonics for Life” appears to be primarily focused on issues pertaining to nutrition, with the first section delving into topics like sugar, enzymes and eating for energy. The last part of the book is a collection of recipes for every meal of the day, and a shopping list to help you stock the best foods for this weight loss program. Another section, titled “Bodytonics” talks about the important of movement (not necessarily exercise) and a third deals with “Mindtonics” which is focused on positive thinking.

The book is available through a number of online retailers, although we were unable to find a product website for this title. At the time of this review, new copies of “Fitonics for Life” are selling for about $32, but consumers can pick up used copies on the same sites for much less than that. Online auction houses also have used copies of this book available for sale.

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  • “Fitonics for Life” seems to encourage a multi-faceted approach to weight loss.
  • The book can be purchased used for a reasonable price.


  • Most books don’t offer the necessary motivation to help dieters stick with a weight loss program.
  • The book deals with meditation and other mental exercises as much as it talks about physical exercise.
  • The book doesn’t seem to recommend aerobic activity or a weight loss supplement.


There is nothing wrong with reading books about weight loss, although “Fitonics for Life” appears to be a bit light on substantial weight loss information. However, most successful weight loss programs will go beyond a good read to incorporate daily exercise, a low calorie diet and a proven weight loss supplement for best results. Those interested in “Fitonics for Life” will find the book online for a good price, but it will take much more than this book to help dieters see weight loss success.

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  • 1
    Joan Woods

    I have just started your healthy recommendations for good health, but don’t need to lose weight, what do I need to do or add to my diet to keep weight as it is?


  • 2
    Joan Woods

    Fresh fruit for breakfast goes through my body too quickly.
    Would juicing be any better?