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The Body by Jake series of fitness equipment has been around for years. Many of these machines continue to be popular among beginners and people wanting a quick and easy workout. Jake Steiner, the founder of Body by Jake, is also the founder of FitOrbit. FitOrbit allows users to pick a personal trainer and create a personalized fitness and meal plan for weight loss. Users have personal contact with a trainer for a fraction of the typical cost. The website also allows users to track progress.

There are a variety of websites offering the same personal trainer, personalized diet plan program. There doesn’t seem to be anything that sets this program apart from others aside from the price. FitOrbit is available for $40 a month, about the cost of a premier gym membership, but the dieter does not get a membership to the gym – just online access.

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Personalized diet and fitness plan online.

Product Features

Your Own Fitness Plan – The personalized fitness plan is a huge selling point for FitOrbit. The plans are available online from the personal trainer of your choice. Photos and videos come with the fitness plan. While the website claims workouts are personalized, they are simply collected from specific workouts already available on the website. The follower fills out a questionnaire revealing the equipment in the home and a workout is created.

Your Own Meal Plan – Again, a questionnaire is used to sort through thousands of recipes and food choices. Meal plans are then created by a computer program and delivered on the official website for the dieter. There is nothing personalized about the meal plans.

Tracking is simple from the user dashboard, but dieters still have to search for foods and log exercise. This same tracking program is available on many websites free. The dieter should not have to pay $40 a month for something available free online.

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  • There is a money-back guarantee.


  • Workouts and menu plans are not personalized.
  • The reminders are likely a programmed response.
  • The cost is much higher than many dieters would like to pay for an online program.
  • Most of the features on FitOrbit are available free from other websites.


FitOrbit is just another fitness and dieting website that claims to add personalization. The menus and exercise workouts are created from recipes and workouts already in the FitOrbit system. Dieters can log into and achieve the same result at no cost. Paying $40 a month for computerized results is simply a waste of money. The dieter could save that money for a gym membership with pool access and free classes and gain much more personalized results.

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    FitOrbit is a waste of money. I signed up for a month trial because it said 30 day guarantee but when I cancelled and asked for a refund they said they only refund if you sign up under their longer plans which they did not state upfront!!