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FitPregnancy is a website and magazine dedicated to health and fitness information for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive and postpartum. The website offers articles covering all aspects of prepregnancy to post delivery, including buyer’s guides, fitness, nutrition, style, and relationships. It is designed to give women the tools to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, physically, mentally and emotionally. FitPregnancy is part of the America Media Inc Fitness and Health Network, along with Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines.


Not applicable. FitPregnancy offers articles and tools on all aspects of prenatal and postpartum.

Product Features

FitPregnancy is a website and magazine dedicate to health and fitness information for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive and postpartum. The website offers tools such as a Buyer’s Guide, Ovulation Calculator, Pregnancy Calendar, Weight Gain, Baby Name Finders, BMI Calculator, and Pregnancy Glossary. The website is divided into pages such as Pregnancy, Tools, Blogs, Your New Life, Your Baby, Freebies, and Community. Then each page is divided into more pages with subcategories. For example, the Pregnancy page contains pages including a Pregnancy Calendar, Fertility and Conception, Prenatal Workouts, Health, Food and Nutrition, Labor and Delivery, Sex and Relationships, Fashion and Beauty, Going Green, and Cord Blood Banking. Within each of these pages are multitudes of articles about any subject under that subcategory. For example, the Pregnancy Nutrition page has 16 pages of articles regarding nutrition, including do’s and don’ts and nutrition ideas. On each page, there are advertisements that are geared towards pregnancy related products and services.

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  • The FitPregnancy magazine and website contain pregnancy specific information for women.
  • The FitPregnancy website is easy to navigate.


  • The FitPregnancy website contains so much information, it might be overwhelming for some users.
  • FitPregnancy is specifically for pregnancy women and new mothers, so other populations would not find this site or magazine useful.


FitPregnancy is a magazine and website for women trying to conceive, women who are pregnant, and women who are postpartum. The website is very large, with many articles about all aspects of conception, pregnancy and postpartum. There are tools such as pregnancy calendars that show what is happening in the woman’s body and how the fetus is growing. There is so much information on the website that a woman should be able to find any information regarding pregnancy that she wants. However, there is so much information, some consumers may be overwhelmed. Once a woman’s child is out of infant stage, this website and magazine may not be useful to them anymore. The advertisements on the website are for goods and services specifically geared towards pregnancy. The website is easy to navigate and is user friendly.

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