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Have you ever wanted a personal trainer to help push you through a workout and keep you on pace? Fittrainer is that personal trainer. The small, compact unit sits on the ears like headphones, but it does more than play your favorite workout songs. It “listens” to your heartbeat and guides you through your workout telling you when you need to go faster or harder and when you need to lay off. The verbal prompts are linked to heart rate. If the workout is moving too slow, the Fitrainer tells the user to kick it up a notch so heart rate increases. If heart rate is moving too fast, the Fitrainer tells the user to slow down. The official websites sells the Fitrainer directly and offers a comparison between the features offered by Fitrainer and other personal training units.

List of Ingredients

Personal trainer and MP3 player.

Product Features

The Fitrainer comes with a chest strap to monitor heart rate. The chest strap wraps around the chest and feeds information to the headset. A voice tells the user when to workout harder to increase heart rate and when to go slower to decreased heart rate. The voice plays over music selections downloaded to the headset so the user can listen to any music they want during the workout.

Various preset workouts allow the user to further personalize the Fitrainer. Before starting a workout, the user must set their age and choose from the desired workouts. There are no detailed about the specific workout plans on the Fitrainer, but we assume the workouts include a fat burning workout. Testimonials from professional athletes are available on the official website, so users can read how others use the Fitrainer for workouts.

The Fitrainer sells for $60 and comes with a quick start guide, instruction booklet, carrying case and MP3 cord. The instruction booklet comes with a diet plan so Fitrainer users can lose weight using the unit. No details about the total calories suggested or foods allowed on the diet plan are revealed.

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  • Fitrainer helps a user workout more efficiently.
  • The headset holds MP3s.
  • Lightweight design does not impede the workout.
  • Less expensive than other personal training units.


  • No details about the diet are listed.
  • We have no idea how many songs the Fitrainer holds.
  • No testimonials with before and after photos showing weight loss.


The Fitrainer is a unique fitness aid that tells the user when to go harder or lighter during a workout to keep heart rate within healthy workout range. The unit has plenty of benefits, but the reader is left with too many questions. There is no FAQs section, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the unit.

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