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The Firmer Fitter Faster program is a book written by Dr. Andrew Larson and Ivy Larson. According to the book description, most diets require extreme lifestyle changes that are hard to follow for extended periods. This means the dieter easily falls off the plan and regains weight. Firmer Fitter Faster helps the dieter lose weight with slow, simple dietary changes and about 30 minutes of exercise three days a week. The book comes with recipes and workout plans for home and travel. A shopping guide with brand name foods makes it easy for the dieter to shop and cook healthy on the Firmer Fitter Faster program.

List of Ingredients

Tips on healthy eating and exercise for weight loss.

Product Features

If there is one universal problem with weight loss diets and exercise programs it is the human attention span and willpower. Many diets require extreme changes in eating habits and exercise. For the first few days or weeks the dieter is dedicated to these changes, but hunger and fatigue often sets in and the dieter finds they are slipping back into old eating habits and forgetting to workout. This causes weight gain, depression and, eventually, a return to old ways.

Firmer Fitter Faster outlines simple changes any dieter can live with like switching simple carbs for complex carbs and whole grains. Whole foods, supplementation and exercise are promoted on the Firmer Fitter Faster plan. There are no details about the supplements, but one reader review states they are not expensive.

While we support supplementation, we have no idea if the supplements are included for weight loss or support for Multiple Sclerosis. Ivy Larson took a turn toward bad health after being diagnosed with MS. She changed her eating and workout habits and starting taking supplements and her health improved. The transformation is outlined in the author’s best-selling book, The Gold Coast Cure. This book is based on that book, but it is written in a simple, easy to understand format.

Firmer Fitter Faster sells for $10 on We found no official website for the book.

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  • Outlines simple life changes to increase weight loss.
  • Supports daily exercise.
  • Supports taking supplements for weight loss.
  • Less expensive than some diet books.


  • The reader has no idea what supplements are supported before buying the book.
  • Only two book reviews are available on


The authors of Firmer Fitter Faster attempt to give dieters an easily list of changes to achieve weight loss and improved health. There is very little information in the book description on the actual changes, but the price is right and the dieter may learn a few things about switching out healthy foods for unhealthy foods. Supplements are not described so the dieter has no idea what supplements they will need to purchase to follow the plan.

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