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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Fitter U is an online fitness program that claims to support healthy weight loss through exercise. There are before and after photos on the official website, but some don’t look like there was any real change in body size or lean muscle definition. Sample workout videos are published on the official website in video form. We assume all workouts are delivered virtually, with the fee associated with Fitter U Fitness giving the user access to a hidden section of the website. Workouts can be synced with certain MP3 players.

List of Ingredients

Virtual personal training and fitness with videos and MP3s.

Product Features

There are three plans available from Fitter U – $249 per year, $149 per six months or $39.95 per month. Every new user gets free access to the website for the first 30 days. After the 30 day trial period, the full amount of the membership is deducted from the credit card given at sign-up.

Each month, Yuri (the trainer for Fitter U) offers new workouts, audio fat burning soundtracks and training plans. The member can download a fitness tracker, pictures of the workouts, audio files, video files and more. Anyone can follow the Fitter U workout series, as long as they are not an “absolute beginner”, according to the Fitter U website. The website goes a bit further and states, “As long as you’re relatively healthy [and] have some training experience” you can follow the plan. That leaves out a large portion of people who want to lose weight but have no experience in the gym.

There is a section of the website where the visitor can read more information on the personal trainer, but the link does not work. We have no idea if the trainer is certified, thin, fit or healthy. All we know is his name – Yuri.

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  • Examples of workout videos are available on the official website.
  • Before and after photos show some slimming and weight loss.


  • The workout plan is very expensive.
  • Dieters are not given diet tips or suggestions for weight loss.
  • We have no idea who Yuri is or if he is certified.
  • Downloading the workout videos requires some advanced computer knowledge.


Fitter U is not a unique workout idea. Many websites offer the same workout videos for a fraction of the price or no cost. Without detailed information on the instruction, we have no idea who has planned the workouts or how well they work to improve weight loss. The before and after photos show some progress, but the changes are not dramatic. One testimonial shows no change between the starting size and ending size after 90 days.

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