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Fit TV is a cable channel dedicated to the health and fitness of its viewers. This cable channel is owned and operated by Discovery Company, which is well known for its other cable channels including Animal Planet and Discovery Health. The Fit TV network airs programs which include exercise programs teaching everything from Yoga, Kickboxing and Hip Hop Aerobics. Fit TV also airs cooking programs designed to teach the art of healthy cooking to its viewers.


Not applicable. Many of the programs on Fit TV do not require any special equipment for viewers to partake in following. Many of the exercise programs can be performed by the average view with instruments such as a chair. By being able to be used by average consumers, Fit TV has gained overwhelming appeal from the average viewer.

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Fit TV is a part of the Discovery Channels network. This cable television channel is designed to motivate viewers to get up and exercise with instruction from well known instructors. Some of the more popular shows include Body Challenge. This is similar to the Biggest Loser. Viewers follow individuals through their weight loss and fitness goals. Viewers are encouraged to join the challenge and share their weight loss success with others. Fit TV is also popular in early and mid day program for the fitness programs which viewers are to follow and join. This is like watching a fitness video at home with different programs running each day of the week. One popular fitness instructor during this time slot is Gilad. Gilad Janklowicz is a legendary fitness instructor which has aired his workout videos on several sports channels and can now be found on Fit TV. In addition to the various fitness programs which can be found on Fit TV the one of a kind cable channel also airs programs designed to teach a healthier cooking style. These programs are a lot like programs which can be found on popular cooking channels. The difference in Fit TV cooking shows is that all of the items created are designed to be healthier and encourage weight loss and general health. Consumers can view the chefs on this channel creating healthier versions of their favorite foods or can be introduced to healthier alternative foods, they may not be aware exist. Fit TV is included in many cable and satellite packages. There is also a website dedicated to sharing blogs and podcast videos from the various Fit TV shows. Here you can find a line up to the Fit TV programming.

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  • Fit TV is designed to encourage and promote a healthy diet and exercise filled life.
  • Fit TV is included in many cable and satellite television packages.
  • Fit TV has a website dedicated to educating everyone to a healthier life style.


  • Fit TV is not a miracle weight loss plan. Viewers must take part in the exercise and implement the diet plans for weight loss to occur.
  • Fit TV does not promote the use of any particular weight loss supplement to assist users in weight loss.
  • The overnight programming on Fit TV consists of infomercials that are stated to not be supported or associated directly by the television network.


Fit TV is a great asset to viewers looking to increase their health and fitness or just for those trying to create other more convenient ways to incorporate exercise and fitness into their everyday life. The only draw back to Fit TV is that the exercise will not do them self. The viewer has to get off the couch and workout to get fit. Consumers looking to lose weight might be discouraged by slow results. These consumers can be assisted in their weight loss efforts by adding a trusted and effective weight loss supplement.

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57 User Reviews about FitTV

  • 1
    Marge Clary

    Please put FITTV back on Direct TV. I faithfully worked out with Gilad and as very disappointed that I do not have the show available to me.


  • 2

    as a fitness instructor I can only say wow- who are the brains behind the new line up? I loved getting in a quick gilad workout early am when I didn’t have a few extra hours to spend in the gym. I spent 30 minutes looking for Fit TV until I relized it was no more. Shame on Discovery for promoting inactivity through TV garbage on the same lien as reality TV . Just what we need on TV – more mindless vegitation . Fit Tv was the only channel to actually get people off the couch and moving. It actually made exercise accessable for many who can’t afford a gym to don’t have the time to get to one. The only ones benefitting here are the deep pockets of corperate America – and they can afford top notch gyms and personal trainers.


  • 3



  • 4
    Angry & cross

    WTF is up? u r encouraging people all over the world to be couch potatoes what about our fitness programs getting up off the couch and being active Please BRING back all the fitness programs no wonder obesity is getting out of control??? Oprah & her fat ass :( Hate the new line up HATE IT


  • 5

    Who can you complain to to get the FIT TV channel back? The shows out there now are completely useless. Americans need all the exercise they can get and by the above comments this channel is missed.


  • 6

    Detest the new line up! Fit tv does not include the majority of shows available.Listen to your customers or many of us will looking to other companies who offer the kind of programming we want.The exercise programs were great and a variety was offered to suit most every ones schedule &/or abilites.


  • 7
    moneata passmore



  • 8

    FitTV was great!!! I found myself exercising more; enjoyed the varieties of exercise. I do NOT like the new format. I no longer watch the channel. They lost a faithful viewer. I hope you consider bringing FitTV to it’s original lineups!!!


  • 9

    FitTV used to be great and I could exercise or get cooking/eating tips almost whenever I wanted but now it is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!! Who thought it was a good idea to take the exercise & healthy eating programs off of FitTV??? Wasn’t that the idea of FitTV, to help us get healthy & FIT?? They have definitely lost a viewer in me…how disappointing!! )-:


  • 10
    Extremely Disappointed

    Extremely disappointed!!! Somehow tt has become a habit for me to watch Cooking with Sam on Monday, Lyons in the Kitchen, and other programs on Fit TV on daily basis, but now all I’m seeing are Medical Examiners, Dr. ER, etc. Those medical shows suppose to be on Channel 279 not 261 (Fit TV)! Don’t know what else to do? Contact DirecTV but even they said there is nothing they could do since Fit TV opted to change its lineups!!!


  • 11

    Fit tv is now Discovery Fit and Health. It should be called Discovery Fat and Garbage. It’s the old Discovery Health with a few exercise shows on so early in the morning that few can use them. It is decidedly not dedicated to anyone’s health and fitness. Just more of Discovery Network’s usual sensationalistic “reality” shows.


  • 12
    Jeanie Sapp

    I do not like the new format of FitTV and no longer watch it. I miss the old format and would love to have it back….I enjoyed being able to workout in the morning with the FitTV stars.


  • 13
    Jeanie Sapp

    Since the first of the year, I have been disappointed in the new format! I hope that exercising with the stars will be back on ASAP! There are so many of us who loved working out with them!


  • 14
    donna steigleder

    FitTV is not listed on DirectTV any longer. Discovery Health Channel is NOT about fitness at all and is not even a poor substitute for the exercise shows I once worked out with several times a week. NOT HAPPY!!


  • 15

    This was the only channel with exercise programs at times people could participate. The new line up is just a repeat of other programs.

    I hope you consider returning to the previous format.


  • 16

    The change in Fit TV is deplorable. I’ve been been waiting for them to add the exercise shows back in but it’s not going to happen. Since the new schedule is unacceptable for those of us who worked the mid-day shows into our day, since some programs aren’t being brought back at all, and since I was paying extra for it, I’ve canceled the channel and the package it was in.


  • 17

    And I was so delusional that I was the only one that was frustrated with this new programming. Is their anything we can do to get FitTV back?


  • 18

    I hate the programming on FITTv – the so called reality shows, etc. Bring back Cathe Freidrich, Sharon Mann, All-Star Workouts or I will drop my programming to less expensive one.
    I am not surprised however with the new programming. I figured there would be a lot of lousy changes since Oprah aired OWN. Just goes to figure, Oprah can afford personal trainers, chefs, etc. The rest of us can’t even watch the exercise shows on FitTV anymore.


  • 19

    With a changed work schedule, I came back to you after a few months away. Very disappointing line-up. Lost your morning yoga and several other programs I eagerly watched. Why the change? If not remedied, I won’t be watching anymore.


  • 20

    I added the premium package cable just so I could have fit tv. I just had a baby and I have 2 younger kids and it was nice to have workout programs that kept you challeneged and that I could do during their nap time. I really don’t see how the medical shows have anything to do with fit tv. If the workout shows are not put back on I will be canceling my cable.


  • 21



  • 22

    Fit TV—are you kidding me.
    Let’s get back to the regular programing the current schedule is silly. I just had a few friend get Direct TV just for Fit TV and just like the rest of us they are at a loss on the Fit TV programing. Give me break its Fit TV and what is being shown does not fit the bill.


  • 23

    Has your programming department read the above description of FitTv and what it is all about ? Apparently not as they have changed the mornings to anything but fitness programing. What happened to the fitness workout morning line up, not to mention the cooking shows. The first fitness work out show comes on at 3:30 in the afternoon…I have not reason to turn Fit Tv on again.
    I’ve been a regular viewer each morning to several of your work out shows, as I’m sure most viewers who get up and work out first thing in the morning. Your shows were great as they were something different everyday, nothing else like it on TV. Now you offer shows on adoption…what does that have to do with fitness.
    Get it together programming department or whoever is making the decisions…obviously from the posts here you are losing viewers…I’m one more you’ve lost unless you get the fitness shows back on.


  • 24

    I loved FitTV for so years and paid top tier cable to get this ONE channel! I loathe it now! I mean who watches this crap?? It has nothing to do with fitness! I am just so so disappointed. I had my workout schedule to so many of these shows!It is UNFIT-TV! Will drop the channel and buy the DVD’s and just run them on TV all day! Was really depressing!



    This station programming is terrible. I no longer watch it except to check to see if they returned to the fitness and cooking shows that I use to enjoy so much



    Me too Michele and everyone else…has the programming department read its own description of Fit Tv ? Apparently not. More importantly…are they going to hear us and respond ? It’s very misleading to call the station FitTv when there is very little fitness offered.


  • 25

    I loved FitTv and was a devoted follower for so long and made my schedule around the shows workouts. It is now awful–it is UnFitTV! It is ridiculous! I mean who watches this stuff on there now? Am just so so so disappointed. There is nothing else to replacei it. I paid top tier cable to get this ONE channel–will drop it all!


  • 26
    Arlyce Hoard

    I added FitTV to make use of your exercise programs. Unless I exercise early enough in the morning to wake the whole household, all I get are medical and pregnancy programs. Please add more exercise programs or I will be dropping your channel on my cable package.


  • 27

    I’m also VERY disappointed in the changes in the FitTV channel. I used to do workouts in the mornings several days each week, and now it’s a bunch of filler shows. What a waste.


  • 28
    Leigh Wilkins

    Are you going to respond to your customers and put the old format back in place ( with Cathe of course!) or continue to ignore us.I am not interested in watching Dr G cutup dead people and call this network FitTV. I wonder how legal that is?


  • 29

    I hate the new FitTV format! If I want to be a couch potato I can watch E or some other non-sensical channel. Bring back fitness programs to FitTV, especially Gilad!


  • 30

    The new programming is horrible. For example, one of tomorrow’s many episodes of Dr.G: Medical Examiner, will cover the body of a man found hanging from a footbridge with a single gunshot wound to the head. Fit TV, how is this program going to help anyone get fit? Just more shows to feed the couch potatoes. Way to go, Fit TV!


  • 31

    The new programming is horrible. For example, tomorrow, I see that an episode of Dr.G: Medical Examiner will cover the body of a man who is found hanging from a footbridge with a single gunshot wound to the head. Fit TV, how is this program going to help anyone get fit? Your current programming is for couch potatoes.


  • 32
    cindy LaChance

    I am also horrified and dissappointed in the program change on Fittv-I actually had to upgrade my direct tv pckg to keep fittv & now ITS GONE!Please powers that be, bring back this fantastic line-up of shows. we all need them & loved them!



    I totally agree, what does all of this programing have to do with being fit! Fittv is now a medical reality station. How disappointing~!!!


  • 33
    Mary Lamberson

    When are we going to get our exercise programs back on FitTV? There’s nothing on that channel now except Pregnancy and medical programs. FitTV was always my favorite channel for fitness, but you have really messed it up. I think this all happened because Opra now has Channel 279 which was Discovery Health and you’re probably trying to combine Discovery Health with FitTV. Well it’s no longer for me.


  • 34

    why did you change the fitness programs. I loved Cathe, Gilad, dance and toning programs. There are more than enough of those birth programs and strange happenings programs. I do not like them, I like do the weight programs and the cardio programs. please bring them back!!!!!!!!


  • 35

    We were out of town the first week of January and when we returned and found Gilad gone we were very disappointed. I like others had an exercise routine from 9 to 10 each morning. I don’t like the new programming at all. Please bring back Gilad.


  • 36

    So disappointed that no Gilad Bodies in Motion…. There are plenty of ads on the channel to make it pay. In last few years when my knee or ankle or broken foot was bothering me too much to jog or bike or even swim, this program has been my exercise, and the best I’ve ever seen on TV. When my daughter visits, she does it with me. I’ve written to you about how good it is.


  • 37
    laura robertson

    so much for a new years resolution of a healthy lifestyle… if the regular programming isnt up by 1-31-11 i am dropping the station


  • 38

    I too am very disappointed with the new line-up of programs. FitTV used to be part of our basic cable and then years ago, it changed and I could only get it with premium cable, so I pay extra for it now. With the new line-up, I feel as though I’m paying for programs that I could easily see on basic cable. Please go back to the older line-up. I really enjoyed the workouts the way they were scheduled and feel that the two channels should indeed be separated. Thank you.


  • 39

    Add our family to the many who are dissatisfied with the programming change. Enjoyed the exercise programs, the new programming is useless.



    I also am dissatisfied with the programming change on FIT TV. I have been watching & exercising with the exercise programs for years. Would love to get them back!!!


  • 40

    Are you kidding with this new lineup of programs? Or should I say OLD lineup, since it is nothing more than Discovery Health reruns! No one is going to get FIT watching this couch potato friendly fare. PLEASE, bring back my morning Gilad!


  • 41

    Very unhappy with the new line-up…this is not the kind of network that should be showing medical examiner, pregnancy and adoption stories all day long. Please put back the exercise programs in to your line-up as previous! A very dissatisfied viewer.


  • 42



  • 43

    I am SO disappointed with the new FIT TV programming. I looked forward to the exercise programs every morning. Gilad, Yoga, Shimmi…. Now the only workout routines are at 5am-7am??? The cooking shows where also great.
    Please return to the old programming.


  • 44

    Very unhappy the the new lineup!! Was in a routine with the fitness programs as they were scheduled. These new shows are horrible and are already on various other cable stations. PLEASE bring back the old lineup! I miss my 6:30am Gilad terribly!!! :(


  • 45
    sharon seaton

    After working 40 plus years and finally able to enjoy truly sophisticated and smart television, I discovered the very best in television on FITTV. The cooking shows, i.e, A Lyon In The Kitchen, Sara Snow, Sam The Cooking Guy along with the great exercise shows; alas, FITTV and DISCOVERY CHANNEL has succumbed to the OPRAH hoax /manipulation and deleted all that is truly worthwhile on television. There is something truly lacking in the mindset of persons responsible for the total deletion of these excellent programs. Why are we the paying/viewing public subjected to all of these birthing programs, the Duggar Drama, etc.? ENOUGH! Please get back to the true roots of FITTV! It is criminal regarding what has happened to this wonderful channel.
    Cheers, Sharon


  • 46
    Delores Burton

    What happened to the rest of the exercise programs? Is there a different channel?


  • 47
    Linda Roberts

    It seems when OWN network started we lost Discovery Health channel. Then you guys decided to combine FIT TV and Discovery Health together doing away with most of the FITTV shows.

    I was in a routine every day with a show and now it is not there. This is not good for me and how about all the others that used the show to help them keep healthy and fit.

    As far as I am concerned do away with some of the baby stories and adoption stories, etc. and put back some of the Fit TV shows such as Gilad. It fits me perfectly, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


    amy bramlett

    i am 75 yrs old and depended on fit tv every day what has dr g medical have to do with fitness loved all star workouts plus gilad please go back to the old formate


  • 48

    I live on a low carb lifestyle along with many others and would like to see more cooking and info shows on this topic


  • 49
    Emerson Cale

    What happened to Gilad and all the exercise programs on FIT TV VERIZON/FOIS Channel 163


  • 50
    Michelle Roberts

    Hello! I recently discovered Fit TV and was very excited. I loved the workout shows such as Gilad and even tried belly dancing. I was using the programming daily for several hours in my attempts to get fit again after an illness and thought the programming was AMAZING. I was horribly dissapointed to see hours and hours of programming including medical examiner shows (I get enough of that at work!) and even things such as ‘reality TV’ shows. There is truly so much of that already. I miss the exercise TV and feel like I have lost a valuable resource and training partner. PLEASE consider bringing this programming back! From what I have seen on web-sites I am not alone in feeling this way. I even considered ending my cable subscribtion as I am not a fan of such television and Fit TV was one of the few channels I watched. I respectfully submit that the change in programming was not a good idea and would like to continue to watch your channel but with the current programming that is out of the question.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Roberts


  • 51

    First the mid-morning yoga was replaced and now the afternoon one is gone. Please return to some fitness programs!!


  • 52

    Why have you change the line up for the programs? The exercise programs in the morning were great after getting kids off to school. The afternoons were great for after dinner. The weekend shows fit wonderful into my day. Hopefully you change it back quickly. Do not care for this line up sorry Once a day medical examiner is plenty, birth shows are on other cable networks. You are the only show that has the exercise programs I was a devoted watcher but not these past weeks