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FitZone for Women is a chain of fitness centers primarily located across the Midwestern region of the country. These health clubs are designed specifically for women, since the fitness needs of the female half of the population are much different than those of men. The clubs include equipment for cardio and strength training along with classes for all preferences and fitness levels. These centers also provide a 20-minute circuit class for women who want to get fit as quickly and effectively as possible. The centers are mostly located in Michigan, with a few found in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado.

In addition to the health clubs, FitZone for Women also offers an online store featuring diet supplements and other nutritional products. One particular supplement that caught our eye was Trim IT!, a weight loss supplement designed for both appetite suppression and fat burning. We will take a closer look at the Trim IT! formula to see if it has enough oomph to help women make their weight loss goals.

Product Features

We are pleased to see that the FitZone for Women online store provides complete ingredient lists for each of their products. We believe this information is essential for savvy consumers who are trying to make educated decisions about the safety and effectiveness of their weight loss products. According to the company website, the ingredients in Trim IT! include vitamin B6, chromium, sensoril ashwagandha extract, guggul extract, banaba leaf extract, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, Forslean coleus forskohlii extract, white willow extract and metabromine theobroma cacao extract. While there are a number of good ingredients on this list, the length of the list leads us to wonder if any of these active ingredients can be particularly effective. We prefer products that provide a handful of effective ingredients for best weight loss results. It almost appears as thought Trim IT! is trying to accomplish too much in a single supplement, resulting in it providing fewer results than it might.

While we were unable to find a monthly membership fee for the FitZone for Women health clubs, we did find a price on the Trim IT! supplement. At the time of this review, a 30-day supply of this product costs just over $28. However, we believe that price was only effective for customers who had a FitZone for Women membership.

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  • The FitZone for Women program combines workouts with effective weight loss products.
  • The entire program is designed with women’s specific needs in mind.


  • FitZone for Women health clubs are limited to certain areas of the country.
  • At least one supplement had a long ingredient list that caused us to question the effectiveness of the formula.
  • The products are only available to FitZone for Women members.


We agree that a fitness program combined with other weight loss products is usually the best formula for success. The FitZone for Women health clubs appear to provide many benefits for women, although the formulas in the supplements may not be as potent as those in other supplements today. We believe consumers might want to consider membership to the club but look elsewhere for there weight loss supplementation.

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    shana cochran

    I have a three year membership, the fitzone I joined closed, Deb won’t return any calls, I need to know how I can get a refund on my money.