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Fizogen is the name of a line of bodybuilding supplements manufactured by Fizogen Precision Technologies, a popular online bodybuilding supplier. Currently Fizogen manufactures 19 bodybuilding supplements, with one women-formulated product. Fizogen’s main focus is to provide products for bodybuilders who want to gain more muscle mass, claiming to use anabolic ingredients to speed up metabolism, increase energy, and increase muscle gain. People must commit themselves to intense exercise and diet to see results, however. They do not specify how much muscle weight can be gained.

Available through various online stores and in select supplement stores, Fizogen’s products usually range around $53.99 to $179.98 per bottle. All products are eligible for a full refund if no more than 50% of the bottle is used.


Visit Fizogen’s official website for a complete ingredient list for all 19 products.

Product Features

Fizogen heavily incorporates synthetic ingredients in numerous products, along with a heavy mixture of amino acids and other protein supplements. Protein is essential for building muscle, although its effectiveness in supplement form is debated by the medical community. Fizogen claims this mixture allows for the best legal muscle enhancement. The use of synthetic ingredients poses big questions about its safety; however, there are numerous testimonials on the Internet that back up Fizogen. They also claim to only provide hardcore ingredients to build muscle mass, with no promises on how much weight gain (or loss) should be expected. Fizogen is recognized by several mixed martial arts fighters, however, which is a plus.

A high protein diet is required when taking a Fizogen supplement, along with heavy emphasis on weightlifting and strength training. This product is not ideal for people with heart problems since Fizogen has been shown to aggravate the problem.

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  • Fizogen is a highly recognized bodybuilding supplement in the Mixed Martial Arts arena.
  • Fizogen uses high amounts of protein in their supplements, which is proven to increase muscle mass.
  • Numerous testimonials claim Fizogen helped them gain significant muscle mass.
  • Fizogen offers a money-back guarantee if less than 50% of the bottle is used.


  • Fizogen is dangerous for people with heart problems.
  • Fizogen is not a weight loss supplement – it is an elite bodybuilding supplement.
  • Fizogen is very expensive and is not a suitable option for budget dieters and bodybuilders.
  • This product line is not ideal for women.
  • The use of numerous synthetic ingredients raises some questions about its safety.


The average dieter won’t find any advantage here, but bodybuilding dieters should take a look. Although there are no studies backing up Fizogen as a whole, they do combine ingredients that are crucial for muscle gain and fat loss. It would be more beneficial if Fizogen offered more information about how it promotes muscle gain, however.

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    When using Fizogen’s products and completing a cycle, are the results lasting? Or do you have to keep taking the product to maintain the results you’ve already paid for?