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Fizogen’s “The Burn” is formulated in a male and female version. The two formulas do have some gender specific ingredients as the dieter would expect. The fat burning ingredients, however, are basically the same in both supplements. We did notice that Fizogen’s “The Burn” for men is a bit stronger than the female variety.

List of Ingredients

Synephrine, Yohimbine, Evodiamine, Caffeine, Guggulsterones, L-Taurine Ethyl Ester, Naringenin, Bioperine.

Male only supplement: 20-Beta-Hydroxy-Ecdysone-2-Acetate-Ester and 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA.

Female only supplement: Daidzein, Phosphatidylserine.

Product Features

Synephrine is the bit fat burning ingredient used in many supplements in place of Ephedra. Aside from the increased heart rate the stimulant causes, there is little to no evidence it actually helps the body burn more fat.

Yohimbine is another stimulant but the effect on the body is a bit different than a typical stimulant. Yohimbine tends to cause the user to feel cold instead of hot, which could be why it is commonly used in fat burners – dieters can “feel” the supplement burning more fat.

Evodiamine is a fat burning ingredient with no clinical support. Claims include thermogenic properties and inhibition of fat storage; neither is proven.

Caffeine is a proven weight loss ingredient that promotes fat loss. Finally, there is an ingredient that is safe to take (for most dieters) and effective.

Guggulsterones are thought to help promote thyroid function which is useless if the dieter has no issues with a slow thyroid.

L-Taurine may help control blood pressure which is why most energy drinks and supplements contain some form of Taurine. Stimulants raise blood pressure and taurine is there to help reduce that rise.

Bioperine is all about absorption, though it may have a slight thermogenic effect. Also known as black pepper, supplements include this ingredient to make sure the other ingredients in the supplement are being absorbed in the body.

We could not find Fizogen’s “The Burn” on the Fizogen website. It appears the male / female fat burner is no longer available from the company.

The female and male specific ingredients have no impact on fat burn or weight loss.

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  • Caffeine will increase fat burn when dieting.


  • Most of the ingredients are not proven to increase weight loss.
  • The male and female supplements are nearly identical.
  • Fizogen’s “The Burn” does not appear to be available for sale any longer.


Fizogen’s “The Burn” is not an effective male or female fat burning supplement. There are a few stimulants in the formula, one of which (caffeine) is proven effective for increasing fat burn. The rest of the ingredients are either not proven to work or simply increase stimulation. We support fat burners with proven ingredients like green tea and chromium.

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    do you know if it will be available ever again? best product ever, have tried many!!!!