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iSatori is the creator of the Flash Point supplement. The company markets the fat burner as unique because it dissolves in the mouth instead of being swallowed orally. There are more than nine years of research behind the formula used in Flash Point. We will see if the ingredient list backs up the claims of being a fat burner unlike all the rest.

List of Ingredients

Flash Point Proprietary Formula: Caffeine Anhydrous, Phenylethylamine, Hordenine HCI, Synephrine, Evodiamine, Yohimbine HCI.

Product Features

The first ingredient in the proprietary blend which includes 280 mg is caffeine. Most fat burners have nearly 280 mg of caffeine in them to start off with so either the caffeine is the major ingredient in the supplement or there is very little of the remaining ingredients. Caffeine is proven to increase fat burn so this is a good ingredient to include.

Phenylethylamine is a mood altering ingredient that happens to work as a stimulant. The description of the effect this ingredient has on the body includes words like psychoactive. Unfortunately for the dieter, phenylethylamine is not typically metabolized into phenylacetic acid and rarely reaches the brain.

Hordenine HCI is another stimulant, but this one works in the brain to aid in the release of norepinephrine. That makes this ingredient another mood altering substance.

Synephrine is a straight stimulant closely related to Ephedra. The trouble with synephrine is the lack of clinical support. Research studies have not concluded synephrine increases fat burn at all.

Evodiamine is a sister ingredient to capsaicin (the hot pepper). Rodent studies have proven some fat burning abilities, but these effects are not the same in humans.

Yohimbine HCI is the final ingredient and the final stimulant. Yohimbine is unique because it causes the dieter to feel a shivering feeling at times. This is typically why Yohimbine is included in fat burners because it gives the dieter a tangible “feeling” that the supplement is working.

Flash Point sells for $41.59 from iSatori. The bottle contains 160 MeltTabs that are supposed to start acting in the body in just 33 seconds.

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  • Caffeine is the primary ingredient which is proven to burn more fat.


  • Multiple ingredients affect mood more than weight loss.
  • Few of the ingredients are proven to increase weight loss or metabolism for fat burn.


iSatori’s Flash Point is not the most effective weight loss or fat burning supplement the dieter could choose. The multiple mood altering ingredients may create an unsafe supplement for dieters who have suffered from anxiety or depression in the past. Caffeine is a good ingredient, but the mood altering ingredient may have some stimulant effect as well which could cause jitters and increased blood pressure for dieters sensitive to stimulation.

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