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The Flavor Point Diet was created by the Director of Prevention Research at Yale University, Dr. David Katz. The program is based on research supporting the fact that the limitation of the various flavors in a meal will decrease the likelihood of someone overeating. When a certain flavor is tasted, it activates an area of the brain, which remains active until the flavor is satisfied. The more flavors you have in a meal, the more areas of the brain are activated, which is thought to be a cause of overeating, which in turn causes weight gain. Dr. Katz maintains that by following this program, you will lose up to 16 pounds in six weeks.

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The Flavor Point Diet is based on three phases. The first phase will reduce cravings from an overstimulated appetite. It lasts four weeks, and will require you to eat a certain flavor at a certain point in the day. You will have different “flavor themes” to combine and limit your foods to help regulate the centers of the brain so you can get control of your appetite. These flavor themes will be followed for the entire day for the first phase. The second phase is for two weeks, and allows you have more flavors, on a meal by meal basis, rather than daily. It does not allow for sweet and savory to be mixed. The last phase is a maintenance phase and is intended to be followed for as long as you want. You get to design the meals you want, with the flavor points you want. If you want to lose more weight faster, you can also reduce the amount of calories you are eating in a day. To follow this program, it is recommended you use fresh, whole foods, rather than processed commercial options.

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  • This program gives dieters six full weeks of meal plans.
  • This program allows dieters to continue eating their favorite food.
  • This program is developed with the support of clinical research.


  • The entire six weeks of phases one and two are quite strict.
  • This program makes it hard for people to dine out or engage in social situations where food is involved.
  • Dieters will need to spend more time on planning and preparing their meals.
  • The rapid weight loss promised may return after normal eating resumes.


Though this approach is a unique one, it seems the majority of the benefit will come from cutting out processed foods in place of whole ones. Exercise is recommended on the plan, but those who adopt the plan as a lifestyle rather than a quick fix approach are more likely to see long lasting results. If you want to use this program to get good results faster, combine the reduced caloric intake and exercise plan with a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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