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Flaxseed Oil is an oily extract derived from the Flax plant and commonly found in western Canada and China, normally cultivated for its nutty, rich texture and is a common additive in health foods. Its use in diet and health supplements rose over the years due to numerous discoveries about the nutrients contained in Flaxseed Oil, including Omega-3 fatty acids and natural chemicals that help balance blood glucose levels in diabetics. Flaxseed Oil is recommended by various organizations as a nutritional and helpful supplement for maintaining a healthy diet. Limited evidence has also surfaced about its ability to stop weight gain in obese individuals — although these results cannot be completely confirmed because it only features limited and early studies. This is promising news for obese people who wish to aid weight loss.

Flaxseed Oil is commonly included in most health food, but can be purchased in oral form at any health food store, in liquid or natural form. It may be a bit pricey however, and dieters may need to research how to use this supplement beforehand, due to its laxative effect.


Flaxseed Oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium, Fiber, Protein, and traces of alpha-linoic acid.

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Flaxseed Oil contains many verified benefits, and may provide nutritional support to dieters because of the abundance of helpful chemicals contained within its core. Omega-3s may provide support because it is considered a healthy fat which may help aid an otherwise unhealthy diet. Fiber may also help improve the digestion system and enable better digestion, and may provide appetite suppression benefits. Likewise, Flaxseed Oil itself may improve the absorption of numerous minerals, including calcium, which may be helpful for female dieters. The limited evidence surrounding its ability to prevent diabetic conditions and weight gain in obese individuals appears to be another positive benefit, although further studies need to be conducted to confirm these benefits. Nevertheless, Flaxseed Oil is highly recommended by many organizations as a safe health supplement.

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  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which may aid a healthy diet.
  • Limited research shows it may help decrease weight loss in obese individuals.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Research surrounding its weight loss benefits aren’t completely confirmed.
  • Tends to have more proven health benefits than dietary benefits.


Flaxseed Oil is scientifically proven as a viable health aid, but its dietary benefits are still going under careful examination. Luckily, there have been little confirmed side effects associated with the oil, and it may provide some helpful health benefits to dieters, including healthy fats and a number of nutrients. It is best to discuss any changes in diet with a physician, however, in order to avoid any dangerous complications.

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14 User Reviews about Flaxseed Oil

  • 1

    I cannot find the dosage for flaxseed capsules. Capsules that say 1000mg , differ on how many to take in a day . My doctor wants me to take for high cholesterol, but did not recommend a dosage. She thought they all contained the same amount- they do, but how many capsules a day , again, from one to another. HELP!


  • 2

    Well I am shocked that my triglyceride level went from 250 to 131. This was the only product that I added to my supplements/and diet in the past 3 months. Also had to eliminate insulin because my numbers were so low. I am a happy girl. No changes to diet or exercise program either.


  • 3

    Is Flaxseed oil good for high cholesterol.


    Your Name

    yes it help my colestrol was 232 i started drink flaxseed powder mix with water and homey obout glass in empty somach every morning for about 2month my colostrol down to 175.


  • 4
    Mandy Peall

    Well I am wanting to use this for Constipation, and it seems reading all the write ups that it is Useless!!!! Does not work and makes skins bad and oily etc. I have just had 3 tablespoons mixed with fresh orange to help with my constipation and am awaiting the 15 minutes to pass to see if there is release. I have just followed what has been said. Does not sound like anyone enjoys this product!!


    Your Name

    try benefiber, works for me…….11/21/13….CJ


  • 5

    Is flax seed oil ok to take if you have acid reflux?


  • 6
    Joan Ryan

    I was given flaxseed pills for severe dry eyes, since i have taken it, i have had diaharia, is this from these pills.


  • 7

    I have heard that some people use flaxseed oil and B complex to reduce the effects of psoriases I now use them every day and it seems to help
    How ever it is not a cure


  • 8

    I took Flax seed oil and had a bad case of hemmoroids,and took it for only 4 days,would powder be better ???
    Thank you
    was told by my Doctor that I must take it..


  • 9
    Syed Rahman

    I am diabetic and also having prostrate inflamation. Flaxseed oil is benificial for me ?


    Bear Mc Collum

    Is Flax seed oil helpful for the heart and does cause the prostate is get larger?


  • 10

    I take 4 1200 mg of Nature’s Bounty daily. Is that too much? Should it help with bowel movement? what is the downside?


  • 11

    Recently I read an article stating Austrailian researchers found that taking flaxseed increases free radicals which can lead to inflammation. Is this true? The article was in Men’s Health magazine.