Flex Arms Bicep & Tricep Review

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Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep is sometimes perceived as an enhancement to your bodybuilding routine, but the company also promotes it as doing all of the work for you. Flex Arms is supposed to help tone your biceps and triceps when you’re lifting weights or doing other workouts. Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep is not a diet supplement — it’s a technology.

According to the company, the technology stimulates the nerves that cause your muscles to contract and relax. The product comes with two units to allow the customer to work out both arms at the same time.

Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep can be used by both women and men.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

The user places the Flex Arms product on each arm’s biceps and triceps, and then the units emit signals and reach out to the nerves. This ultimately causes the biceps and triceps to contract and to relax. The feeling is supposed to be pleasurable, and users can increase the intensity as their muscles grow.

One Flex Arms costs $199.99, two cost $349.00, three cost $499.99, and four cost $649.99. You’ll also need to buy gel pads, medical-grade devices that go with the unit and last about 30 sessions. One set of gel pads costs $21.99, two cost $39.98, three cost $57.99, and four cost $75.99.

Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep says that the product is safe and that it conforms to the Medical Device Directive requirements.

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  • Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep claims to be cleared by the FDA and to be a clinically proven product.
  • The company also says that its product works within weeks for everyone. It also says that you can do it while taking care of other tasks. This is supposed to help those who have little time for exercise.


  • Opponents will tell you to beware of something that sounds too easy to be true. Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep claims to do all of the work.
  • The product may not be for everyone, since some people may prefer going to the gym or working out.
  • The Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep unit is expensive. Some would argue that it’s cheaper to work out by going to the gym, or just buying weights.
  • You may need to constantly change the Gel Pads, especially if you share the Flex Arms unit with a spouse or family member.


On the one hand, customers want to think that there’s an easy fix to working out and to toning their muscles. But most probably realize that there’s no quick fix, and that companies that promise to do all of the work and make things easy may not be telling the truth.

Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep claims to do “all the work.” It also says that it only takes 30 minutes a day.

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