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Some modern technologies help women and men alike work their bodies out without having to actually exercise. Some of those products focus on only certain muscles. For example, the Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep is tailored only on your arm muscles, while the Flex Belt – Rapid Stomach is tailored only to your stomach muscles.

Flex Enervive – Electronic, however, focuses on working out your whole body – including your triceps, biceps, shoulders, stomach, chest, calves, thighs and buttocks. The company claims that it does so without requiring the customer to exert any energy at all.

One of the problems the company may very run into is that many people will think that Flex Enervive – Electronic is too good to be true.

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Product Features

Flex Enervive – Electronic works by sending signals to specific muscles in your body, essentially telling your brain to command your muscles to work out. These signals can be transmitted without the customer having to exert much force, according to the company. As your muscles build over time, you can raise the intensity for a bigger workout.

Flex Enervive – Electronic costs $199.99 for one unit, $349.00 for two units, $499.99 for three units, and $649.99 for four units.

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  • The company that produces Flex Enervive – Electronic says that it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • The product is supposed to work without causing the customer to sweat at all.
  • It’s tailored to work for someone with a busy schedule who may not have time to work out.


  • Opponents will likely argue that there’s no quick fix to getting stronger muscles, and that it‘s impossible to truly improve your health without working at it.
  • Some people may prefer going to the gym, and actually doing the work themselves. Chances are, people who actually put the work into building the muscles have a bigger sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • The units can be expensive. One unit of Flex Enervive – Electronic costs $199.99, and four units cost $649.99.
  • The customer will also have to pay to continue putting on gel pads — the part that goes on your skin. These need to be replaced.


Companies that tell customers they‘ll be able to lose weight quickly and effortlessly are perceived in the same light as pyramid schemes. It doesn’t mean that the company is dishonest, but people are often wary of products like Flex Enervive – Electronic that promise instant rewards.

However, the company does state that Flex Enervive – Electronicis approved by the FDA and that it has a high satisfaction rate.

It would probably be wise to consult with your doctor before using the product, and being sure that this activity is something that you want to pursue before investing in a technology like Flex Enervive – Electronic.

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