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The list of weight loss programs available today is overwhelming to say the least. The pills, shakes, bars, and bands all promise to solve every weight problem you’ve ever had. According to flexi-bar.com, whether you are looking for tone, strength, or weight loss, the Flexi-Bar will provide weight loss, tone, and strength for about 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

The company claims that the Flexi-Bar is designed to use vibration training to offer dramatic results quickly. The Flexi-Bar can be used for hundreds of exercises to focus on your back, arms, chest, or your body’s muscles as a whole. The Flexi-Bar is designed to work the core muscles that often get left behind during a traditional workout. When using the Flexi-Bar, your body is getting a workout on the inside as well as the outside. This unique training is reported to improve your overall body strength from the inside out, rather than simply looking good on the outside.

The Flexi-Bar costs $70.00 USD from flexi-bar.co.uk. This package includes a standard flexi-bar, exercise wall charts 1-4, and educational e-book, and the Total Body Toner DVD. This package is said to be valued at $115.00 USD.

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The Flexi-Bar is designed to increase blood flow to the muscles that are being worked. Those with chronic muscular injuries will be greatly advantaged by the use of the Flexi-Bar because of this increased blood flow The Flexi-Bar also claims to get the job done in much less time than many other weight loss programs. The Flexi-Bar only requires 30 to 45 minutes a week to achieve your results.

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  • The Flexi-Bar only takes 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week.
  • The Flexi-Bar will provide overall muscle tone and strength.


  • The Flexi-Bar does not advertise as a weight loss program. If your ultimate goal is weight loss, you may be in for a disappointment.
  • The website is in Europe, so unless you are ready to deal in euros it may be difficult to purchase a Flexi-Bar.
  • The Flexi-Bar causes an increased flow of blood to muscles, so anyone with an acute injury is strongly warned not to use the product.


The Flexi-Bar website broadcasts proudly how effective their product is at improving health, and providing tone and muscle. However, the product is not offered as a weight loss product. Sure, you can lose weight using the Flexi-Bar, but that is not its true purpose. If you are looking to lose weight, you may be better off searching elsewhere. If you have just brought a new baby into the world, or if you just want feel better about yourself, the Flexi-Bar may be a good product. The website does not make it clear exactly how to use these workouts to meet your goal. Unfortunately, too many weight loss programs do not hold your personal goal as high as their bottom line. Think carefully about using a weight loss program that does not aim to meet your needs as the customer.

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    Hey. I came across this review and I have to say: it’s completely wrong. Look up flexi bar studies and get surprised: you actually burn more calories with a flexi bar than walking, jogging or even swimming for half an hour. The average calorie loss lies about 350 per 30 minutes, a couple of other people had even better results than that (with the highest being 455, something like that) now – tell me what kind of workout you know that helps you getting this effect without harming your health and ankles and whatever parts of your body that overweighted people sometimes have problems with? I purchased the flexi bar because I worked out with it at school. Otherwise I would’ve never come across it. A year later I ordered one – and I can assure you I have lost a lot of weight Ever since. Now if you guys are waiting on some sort of magic that will make all of you slim and healthy, you haven’t understood what it is about. The flexi bar, as well as any other workout, need to include a healthy lifestyle. Try half an hour everyday and watch your pounds starting to get less. That’s what I did and it worked.