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With the explosion of weight loss programs into the market today, the market has become saturated to say the least. This has its advantages and disadvantages for you as the customer. How do you know where to look? How do you know who to trust? After all, every weight loss program has people shouting its praises. One new trend in weight loss seems to be the use of muscle building to lose weight.

Flexsolate is a company committed to creating advanced technologies in this field. Their newest technology, the grip free technology, is centered on making the connection between the mind and the muscles. Flexsolate is a gym in a bag. You receive enough equipment in their product to have your very own compact gym that you can pull out, use to work out, and easily put away without dominating a whole room in your house.

Flexsolate’s gym in a bag includes a set of grip-free arm cuffs, one set of grip-free ankle cuffs, a door attachment, four resistance hooks with custom hooks, a collapsible foam padded steel bar with strap attachments, an illustrated flip chart with over 45 exercise options, and a DVD of three different workouts all packed into a convenient carrying bag.

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Flexsolate’s goal is to offer the latest and greatest technology in the field of health and fitness. Flexsolate gives you everything you need to be successful on their workout plan.

Flexsolate offers a number of products in their product line that will help you become ripped, and in the best shape of your life, according to their website.

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  • Flexsolate markets its product as an entire gym in one bag making your job much easier.
  • Flexsolate is committed to being on the cutting edge of technology in their field.


  • Because of Flexsolate’s commitment to new technology, it is hard to guarantee the effectiveness of any of their products.
  • If you are at a weight that will not allow you to do much exercise, Flexsolate will not offer you much help.
  • Flexsolate is not advertised as a weight loss program, but a body building program. The weight loss will come with body building, but it will not happen as soon as you probably would like it to.


Flexsolate is designed to offer muscle building to those that are interested in being on the cutting edge of technology. This program does not appear to be designed for the average person looking to lose weight, or make a significant lifestyle change. Any of these things can be accomplished with hard work, but Flexsolate does not appear to attempt to offer that option to its customers. As with most workout programs, Flexsolate offers you the chance to get ripped. If you follow their workout plans, you are told you will have a great body. However, as with most other workout programs, sometimes those demands can be unrealistic.

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4 User Reviews about Flexsolate

  • 1
    Your Name

    Terrible article. If you took the time to investigate, you would have shown their testing results over a two year period. Lol shoddy journalism to sell your weight loss products. Sad!


  • 2
    Jerry M

    Your article states that because of Fklexsolate’s commitment to new technology, it cannot guarantee the resutls of its products. Sadly you have not reviewed the two yesrs of testing by an independent group that shows the science and proof that their claims are exact science based on exact testing. Tell me about any other product that has done the research and can make that claim?


  • 3
    Chad Tackett

    I’ve been training people for 18 years and Gym in a Bag is BY FAR the very best resistance band “home gym” out there. The bands, attachments, bar, bag, DVD and flipchart, etc, are all TOP-notch and I get nothing but excellent feedback from our members at fasttracktofatloss.com

    And the grip-free cuffs shouldn’t be overlooked, this is a HUGE advantage over any other product, as it allows you to isolate the muscles for much quicker results.

    I highly recommend this product for anything that wants a really good workout in the privacy, convenience, and comfort of their own home…or anywhere they happen to be.


  • 4

    I can avoid the gym (and who knows what on the equipment), take it with me everywhere and get a great workout with the video. I love it!