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Flirty Fitness aims its exercise programs at women tired of the normal, rigorous routines. Traditional exercising regimes, using treadmills and other similar equipment, are often, at worst, harmful and overly difficult at best. Many women on these routines find themselves reaching a standstill rather quickly. Flirty Fitness seeks to use sexy dance moves to help women overcome this plateau and make exercising both enjoyable and safe.

Although Flirty Fitness claims its exercises outstrip, in both practicality and dependability, other programs many users may find the company does not live up to its claims. All individuals considering using the company’s exercises should first do their own research before investing their money.

List of Ingredients

Flirty Fitness is an exercise regime and not a weight loss supplement and thus has no ingredient list. The routine is recorded on a variety of different DVDs or interested women can sign up for a class in their area.

Product Features

Classes generally retail for around $10 to $20. The DVD package can be purchased for $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Also, exercisers can purchase a deluxe edition for $49.99, or they can pay $19.99 to get two DVDs a month.

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  • Many of these exercises focus on women empowerment, making overweight, self-conscious women feel attractive in their own skin.
  • The exercises can be done at home.
  • For those needing outside prodding, many areas offer classes in Flirty Fitness exercises.
  • Disadvantages

  • Flirty Fitness focuses on exercises not an all-over health makeover including diet. For optimum weight loss and improved health, women will need to add a sensible eating plan to this regime.
  • The same, if not possibly better results can be gained through following a sensible, and perhaps cheaper, more traditional plan of exercise and diet.
  • The exercise creators may put too much emphasis on women empowerment and not enough on actual weight loss.
  • As with many weight loss products, Flirty Fitness claims its regime will produce better results than other common regimes. However, many Flirty Fitness users may feel the company does not live up to its claims.
  • Flirty Fitness says results will be visible within ten days of starting the program. This promise may prompt women to develop unrealistic expectations.
  • Conclusion

    Flirty Fitness takes a unique approach to weight loss, supposedly allowing its user to both increase their self-esteem through exotic dance moves and lose weight at the same time. However, the program may not fulfill its own claims. For example, many users will probably feel that Flirty Fitness’s self praise was overrated and the company puts too much emphasis on the suggestive nature of their moves and not the actual results. Also, the regime focuses on exercise only, not on developing an overall sensible dieting and fitness plan. Plus, some people may be able to gain the same results through following more traditional methods of weight loss and exercising. Although Flirty Fitness may turn out to be a good program after all, exercisers should give it a wary eye before trying it out.

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