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Flor Essence is a tea that is designed to cleanse the body from the inside out to promote a higher level of health and wellness. The tea is sold on the product website and comes in powder and liquid form. Brewing instructions are included for each. Flor Essence claims to cleanse and detoxify the body at the cellular level, reduce the risk of some health conditions and support the immune system. The product website claims that Americans have a hard time keeping their bodies in top condition due to the poor diet, pollution and sedentary lifestyles we have adopted over the years.

Flor Essence combats these many unhealthy influences to create a more robust immune system with antioxidants and many other healthy ingredients. It has even been suggested that this product can be an effective component in treating some types of cancer. However, nothing is stated on the product website about the benefits of Flor Essence in terms of weight loss. Flor Essence products can be found through the product website and through a variety of online retailers. If consumers purchase directly from the product website, there is a 30-day money back guarantee available.


We are pleased to find that the product website provides a list of the ingredients included in Flor Essence, although we had to surf through the articles on the site to find the information. According to the product website, the ingredients in Flor Essence include burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, Turkish rhubarb, red clover, blessed thistle, kelp and watercress. In addition to providing the names of the ingredients, this website also goes on to list the benefits of each. From the ingredient list, we can see that the primary functions of Flor Essence are to cleanse the digestive system, boost immune function and increase energy levels.

Product Features

While there is nothing harmful in the Flor Essence teas, we do not find anything particularly helpful in terms of weight loss. For this purpose, we usually prefer to see a proven fat burner like green tea combined with an effective appetite suppressant for best results. The tea doesn’t include either one.

The tea sells on the product website for $28.79 for either the powder mix or the liquid formula – a rather high price tag for a tea drink mix. Purchases made on the product website do come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  • Flor Essence tea comes with a long list of health benefits.
  • The product comes with a money back guarantee.


  • The tea does not contain any sort of appetite suppressant.
  • A proven thermogenic ingredient is not included.
  • The tea is rather expensive.


There are many healthy reasons to try Flor Essence tea. However, weight loss probably isn’t one of them. With no appetite suppressant or proven fat burner in the mix, we believe dieters will be better off looking elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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  • 1
    Santiago Benavides

    does it help the liver to cleanse from destox?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Flor Essence does claim to aid in detoxifying the liver, among other parts of the body.


  • 2

    I have a 7 year old who is running out of options. Was woundering dosage that would be good for him.


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Adam, these products are meant for adults 18 years of age or older. You can explore safer options with his doctor.


  • 3

    I once found the original Rene Caisse and Dr Brusch recipie for Flora Essence tea by the bulk very reasonable. I can’t seem to find it any more any one find it cheaper than $71.05 for 3lb 4oz? and how much does it take to make 32 oz?


  • 4

    yes and i cant have caffeine so has this flor essense have caffeine in it



    I’m reading a brochure about the Flor Essence and it has 8 herbs and don’t mention anything about caffeine looks all natural to me.


  • 5

    i have a throid problem and high blood pressure . i also have colitris is it safe to drink flor essense tea


  • 6

    Have been using this for five years on and off . Recently was facing hysterectomy huge mass endometrium wall took amonth , Woke up in the morning and it busted open . Went for surgery completely gone ! No hysterectomy, This is a good product.


  • 7

    I have been using Flora Essence for 4 years it also help with A1C, it cleans the liver, kidney, and when my Glucose is up it will clear my sight! I highly recommend it…


  • 8
    louise lemons

    i am warfrin i need to what percentage of vit k is in f;ora -essence


  • 9

    Hi would Flor essence have caffeine in it im sensitive to caffeine


  • 10

    I just purchased this product and after my second day (2nd drink with water) I took two sips and became very light-headed all of a sudden and felt like I was going to fall over. I didn’t drink anymore, but still feel dizzy. Is this a side effect or am I having some kind of reaction? Should I stop taking this product or try again with less tomorrow?



    I have been taking Floressence tea for about 4 months, 3X’ daily. My PSA went down 3 points in the first month, no side effects and I feel great.



    Hi Wendy, I know it’s been four years, but I was wondering if you’re still feeling dizzy? I took Flor Essence for three days two years ago and I am still dizzy. Would love to hear from you if you’re still following this site. Thanks, Christine


  • 11

    The owner of my local health food store said my husband should not take Essiac Tea while taking radiation, but she doesn’t know why for certain. She thinks it will cancel the effects of radiation. So, can a person take Flor Essence while taking radiation?

    Thank you for your time.



    Yes, a person can take it while taking radiation. Buy the tea and take it through out the day.



    I was advised during chemo and radiation for breast cancer that I should stay away from antioxidants that fight free radicals because it would counteract the treatment plan. After treatment plan was completed, then I was free to try what I wanted. I don’t know if Flor Essense would have the same effects.


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