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Editor's Review: 3.8 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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FlowFit is a series of movements developed from Prasera Body Flow Yoga. The program was designed by self proclaimed fitness and sports guru Scott Sonnon. The instructional DVDs consist of a workout program that can be done by any fitness level and requires no other equipment other than a chair or stool. The exercises can easily be done at home and consist of the six degrees of freedom. These six degrees address six different types of movement, include heaving (side to side movement), swaying (left to right movement), surging (forward and back), pitching (up and down), yawning (turning left and right) and rolling (tilting side to side).

The FlowFit DVDs offer something for all fitness levels, so beginners and advanced fitness buffs alike can find something valuable in this program. The DVDs are sold through the product website and from a host of online retailers. The product website claims that users can receive excellent benefits from the workout DVDs with just a few minutes each day. Customer testimonials and reviews are also available for perusal.

Product Features

The FlowFit DVD series provides a number of special features, including exercises for all fitness levels and an introduction into the world of Sonnon’s Prasera Body Flow Yoga The program claims to cover every basic of fitness in less than one hour a week. However, we are skeptical of any claim that a single weekly hour of exercise will be sufficient in helping anyone reach their weight loss goals. In addition, while yoga is an excellent form of exercise that provides many health benefits, most fitness experts would agree that weight loss would not be at the top of that list. Better exercise choices for this purpose would include cardiovascular activities that burn calories combined with strength training to maximize fat burning ability.

At the time of this review, the complete FlowFit program sells for about $40. Refunds will be based on the policy of the online retailer selling the merchandise, but most do not offer refunds on products like DVDs unless the item is damaged during shipping.

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  • The FlowFit instructional DVDs emphasize exercise and wellness.
  • The product is reasonably priced and readily available.


  • Instructional DVDs are only as good as the commitment that goes into them.
  • Yoga is not typically known as the best exercise for weight loss.
  • Refunds are generally not available for DVD products.


Yoga is an excellent exercise to add to a total fitness program. However, most fitness experts will agree that this type of exercise is not at the top of the list for weight loss purposes. If yoga is something you have always wanted to learn, then FlowFit might be the right choice for you. However, if weight loss is your ultimate goal, there are probably more effective fitness programs available.

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