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Flush the Fat Internal Flush takes a different approach to weight loss by stressing detoxification of the body’s internal systems as its core element. The idea behind detoxification is that over the years, our bodies build up a reservoir of toxins and waste that make it difficult for the normal elimination process to function as efficiently as it should. In addition to weight gain, this clogging of the system can also lead to bad breath, fatigue, headaches, and skin irritations, along with more serious illnesses and health issues. By cleaning out the internal system, dieters can achieve a better state of health and melt away fat at the same time; or so the product website states. We will take a closer look at this approach to weight loss to see if it can really deliver on its promises.

Flush the Fat Internal Flush has been sold through television infomercials and through the product website. We are pleased to see that the product website provides a complete ingredient list and customer testimonials for the product. There is also ample information about the benefits of detoxifying the body. However, scientific evidence does not provide a definite link between detoxification and weight loss at this time. In fact, detox programs tend to target waste buildup and water retention and not elimination of fat as the website states.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients in the Flush the Fat Internal Flush include psyllium seed, flaxseed powder, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root, goldenseal root, ginger root, fennel seed, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, raspberry leaves, and acidophilus. The majority of the ingredients found in this mix are fairly typical for detoxification programs. However, there really isn’t much in this mix to suggest that this product will aid with weight loss too.

Product Features

The product currently sells on the product website for $30. It is also offered through a variety of drugstores and pharmacies nationwide. We are unsure exactly how many capsules are included in this amount. The recommendation is to take the capsules at night, about two hours after your last meal. Capsules should be taken with a full glass of water. Consumers should begin with three capsules and work up to six if necessary. The flush should be taken for 30-90 days for best results.

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  • There are health benefits to detoxifying the body.
  • The product is readily available and reasonably priced.


  • There are no proven weight loss ingredients in this formula.
  • Science has not shown a definitive link between detoxification and weight loss.
  • Detox programs are not right for everyone.


If you are looking for an effective detoxification product, Flush the Fat Internal Flush might be worth a second look. However, if weight loss is your goal, there may be more effective products available.

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12 User Reviews about Flush The Fat Internal Flush

  • 1

    It states not to exceed more than six in a 24 hour period. You should probably slow down. Could be unsafe for your body to take 12 in 24 h.


  • 2

    I purchased flush the fat internal flush to help me use the restroom…been constipated sense i had my daughter 16 months ago:/ i just received my little and took 3 tablets last night and have used the bathroom more then 4x so far and have only been up for 9 hours! I already feel 100% better! I tried all laxitives and fiber and nothing helped…i love this product already and my tummy doesn’t hurt and cramp.


  • 3

    this product works amazingly for me, its all about dieting when taking Flush the fat. I was weighing 180 lbs two years ago and now am at 145 lbs….



    I just started on tuesday taking this product any word of advice im following a 1200 calorie diet plan and taking the flush the fat. I noticed there are two other product to take as well to maintain and continue loosing do you take any of these. i have been battling to loose 40 lbs just had my second child 4 months ago and want to loose 15lbs by x-mas.



    I just started taking this product Jan. 2 and along with a 1200 calorie diet and a 30 minute walk twice a week , I am finding this very successful .. since the day I started to date I have seen a 16 pd. loss and a significant reduction in inches all over my body. I am very pleased to say that for me this is truly working.


  • 4
    Darren Worth

    Is it okay to put in a flush the fat capsule with a weight loss shake?



    yeah probably because it’s just fibre and laxative basically. it says it’s safe with other weight loss supplements


  • 5

    Will it show up in a hair sample test


  • 6

    I bought a bottleof flush the fat and it has a strong odor . Is this normal?



    I just opened my bottle and it smells like foot too I assume its normal



    This product does not work. It was a waste of money! Very disappointing!


    Your Name

    I took it and lost 25 lbs in a month with eating healthy salads and protein with no starch. It’s a great product. Take 6 when you wake up and 6 before bed. Worked for me. Put down the cheeseburger there champ it’s not magic