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Former collegiate athlete Brandon Todd created FlytRight. Todd rose to fame as basketball player, due to his abilities and his stature. He stands 5 feet 5 inches. Taller players had vertical jumps of a mere 30 inches; Todd has an impressive vertical jump of 44 inches. He created FlytRight in order to teach non-athletes how to become stronger and increase vertical jumping ability. The program will undoubtedly assist with strength and conditioning. Will FlytRight improve total body health and wellbeing? We will take a close look at the program to give you the truth.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness program designed to improve vertical jumping.

Product Features

FlytRight is a fitness routine designed by former college athlete Brandon Todd. The premise behind FlytRight involves increasing a dieter’s vertical jump. The program features several lower body routines and drills to improve strength. The app is free, but the program costs $197. This is rather expensive, considering the program does not offer anything new. The techniques are readily available online.

When we looked though the program, we noticed FlytRight does not address diet or supplementation. As a non-professional, Todd forgets to mention diet and supplementation are a big part of total body conditioning and weight management. He also forgets to add information relating to scientific proof relating to the effectiveness of the program.

Another consideration relating to FlytRight is the credibility of Brandon Todd. He is not a certified personal trainer or a licensed physician. He is merely a former collegiate athlete with impressive basketball skills. This is all he offers to the average dieter. He fails to realize the person making the purchase may not have similar skills and the results may not be ideal as he claims.

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  • The iPhone app is free.
  • The program is self-paced.


  • The program does not address diet or supplementation.
  • Inconsistent timeframe relating to result production.
  • The program is expensive.
  • Brandon Todd is not a physician or certified trainer, simply a former college athlete.
  • The techniques are readily available online.
  • The techniques focus on lower body, not total body.


FlytRight is more of a gimmick than a fitness routine. Brandon Todd is an exceptional athlete and an impressive basketball player with an extraordinary vertical jump. He lays down the groundwork to improve the vertical jump of individuals. There is no additional information relating to diet or supplementation. Todd does not focus on long-term results or sustainable results. Increasing vertical performance is great if you are an athlete. If not, your weight management could potentially stall. Aside from not being a complete fitness routine, FlytRight is rather expensive. Dieters pay $197 for information readily available online.

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