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The Focus 28 Diet is a prepared meal program offering healthy foods for people who want to lose weight. There are four options – 2 Week, 4 Week, 8 Week and 12 Week plans. Each plan is available for a different price, with the 12 Week program being the least expensive. Included in the plan are chewable multivitamins to support healthy vitamin and mineral levels while losing weight. The problem is that the vitamins are labeled bariatric. The term bariatric is commonly used to describe weight loss surgery. Dieters will not lose the same amount of weight on the Focus 28 Diet as they will after bariatric surgery.

List of Ingredients

Meal replacement shakes, bars and meals focuses on increasing protein intake and reducing caloric intake.

Product Features

Weight loss plans are available from the Focus 28 Diet for men and women. Women eat between 1000 and 1200 calories per day while men are allowed up to 1700 calories. Men tend to burn calories more quickly so they are allowed more calories from the beginning. We are not sure 1000 calories per day is enough for some female dieters, especially if they start weight training and exercise programs with the Focus 28 Diet.

Directions for the Focus 28 Diet are laid out in a simple to read format. The dieter eats a shake or smoothie, breakfast meal and an “optional” for breakfast. Lunch is a Focus 28 meal and protein bar. Dinner is not included with the plan, but the dieter is expected to eat one protein, two vegetables, one starch and one “optional” for dinner.

The fact that dinners are not included with the Focus 28 Diet increases the overall price of the plan. There are fruits, vegetables, starches and “optional” foods that must be purchased.

The 2 Week plan costs $126.95. Four weeks sells for $266.95. Eight weeks costs $481.95 and the 12-week plan costs a whopping $676.95. Testimonials with before and after photos are published on the official website.

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  • Provides healthy, nutritional foods for most meals and snacks.
  • Helps the dieter easily control calorie intake.


  • Costly program that requires the dieter purchase food on top of the Focus 28 Diet meals and snacks.
  • The multivitamin is for bariatric patients.
  • Adding in fruits, vegetables, starches and “optional” foods greatly increases the total cost.


The Focus 28 Diet is a meal replacement plan that control caloric intake to boost weight loss. The dieter is left to choose fruits, vegetables, starches and other optional meal additions, which could increase total calories consumed drastically. Dieters must also purchase foods for the evening meal as those foods are not included with the Focus 28 Diet.

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