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Most dieters focus on how much they eat or what they eat, not how they eat. Food Combining proponents believe this focus hinders efficient weight loss and health improvement. According to these individuals, eating certain foods together can impair your digestion, negatively effect your health, and damage your chances of optimum weight loss.

Essentially, Food Combining lives up to its name. Those on this diet have to be aware of what foods can be eaten together and what combinations they must avoid. Common combinations to avoid include carbs and citrus, fat and protein, protein and acidic fruit, sugar and starch, and protein and carbs.

Other common elements of food combining are not eating more than one starch or protein at a meal and never eating either dairy or melons with any other food.

List of Ingredients

Food Combining is a eating program and not a nutritional supplement and therefore has no list of ingredients.

Product Features

Food Combining focuses on how you eat more than what and how much you eat. Dieters are not restricted in their food choices so much as in their food combinations.

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  • Many dieters will find Food Combining attractive due to its unrestrictive nature. In most cases, no particular food is restricted, only certain food combinations.
  • This diet does not require users to purchase expensive supplements.
  • Disadvantages

  • Many individuals will find this diet confusing and difficult to keep up with. Oftentimes, people get frustrated by remembering the different food combinations and restrictions.
  • Certain favorite food combinations, sausage and cheese sandwiches, BLTs, egg and cheese omelets, are off limits due to the incorrect combinations of foods.
  • Many dieters may find grocery shopping on this diet too expensive for their budgets.
  • Many health professionals feel the premise behind Food Combining is flawed.
  • Often, proponents of this diet do not put enough emphasis on healthy food choices.
  • No exercise plan is included with the Food Combining plan.
  • Conclusion

    Dieters frustrated with carb, fat, or even protein restrictions may find Food Combining particularly attractive. The diet does not make any of these foods off limit. However, these dieters may find, after awhile, that the diet is not as easy as they had anticipated. Keeping up with the different restricted food combinations on a food combining diet can become frustrating and confusing. Also, some individuals may get fooled into thinking they can eat whatever they want, as long as they stay within the right combinations, and still lose weight. No real weight loss will ever be achieved without sensible eating habits and sufficient exercising. Those interested in this diet should make sure they are up for the challenge and willing to combine the plan with a healthful diet and sensible exercise regime.

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