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We currently live in a world that is afflicted by obesity. Needless to say, there are men, women and children all over the globe that have trouble maintaining a healthy body weight. This is why there are so many options for dieting and exercising at this point. One of these options is the Food Lovers Robert Ferguson diet plan.

Have you ever wanted to shed pounds of fat, but still continue to eat whatever you want, whenever you want? Well, if this is the case, then the Food Lovers Robert Ferguson diet may be what you are looking for. We will go over what this program has to offer, and what all it entails.

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The Food Lovers Robert Ferguson weight loss system is one that is supposed to let dieters eat whatever they want. Yes indeed; this means all of your favorite foods. However, there is a catch. You need to control the portion sizes of food you eat daily. Although you can eat well, you must reduce your portions, and focus on eating smaller meals, more often. This is done instead of the traditional three meals per day routine. You do not, however, need to count calories on the Food Lovers Robert Ferguson diet plan. Dieters simply must exercise reasonable food portions, and incorporate daily exercise in order to encourage real weight loss and heighten metabolic rates. When it comes down to it, the overall calories you consume is important. However, when you give your body fewer calories to work with each time you eat, your metabolism has less difficulty dealing with them. Just so you are aware, for the first three weeks of this diet, the portions of your favorite foods you get to eat are extremely small.

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  • This approach to weight loss encourages regular exercise.
  • It is recommended that you eat smaller meal sizes on this diet plan, which may assist some people with weight loss.


  • There are no supplement formulas with the Food Lovers Robert Ferguson plan.
  • The portions you get to eat of your “favorite foods” are very minimal.
  • You will need to eat more regularly throughout the day, which may not be conducive to some schedules.
  • This particular weight loss program is not a new concept by any means.


There are some positive aspects to the Food Lovers Robert Ferguson diet program. First of all, it does encourage regular exercise, which is great. Secondly, meal portions are smaller, which may be what some individuals need. However, the idea behind this weight loss plan is certainly not fresh or new. Furthermore, the diet is supposed to allow you to eat what you want, but this is not exactly true. Not when the portion size is miniscule. This may annoy some dieters.

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3 User Reviews about Food Lovers Robert Ferguson

  • 1
    mary soderstrom

    Hi Robert, I found your weight management program very very effective. What I am wondering about specifically is coffee with skim milk – like a latte. I didn’t read anything about milk, so I’m assuming it’s a quick carb. I seem to be addicted to lattes and need to incorporate them into anything I do that’s going to be successful and not feel I’m depriving myself. By addicted, I mean one a day. What’s the best way to incorporate these into my eating. With a meal or as a snack? Also, what if you have a latte outside within 2 hours ie like one hour. What does this do to your metabolism?? Thank you, Mary


  • 2
    becky miller

    i have done this diet for 14 days and he tells you not to weigh your self or measure but i just had to see if was indeed working and I have lost 9 lbs. and 18 3/4 inches in 14 days and i is way easer the weight watchers or any other diet i have tried I recomend this to anyone that is way over weight like me I started out at 328 lbs and I intend to lose 163 lbs will keep posting as i go



    Are you still doing this program and if so how is it working for you?