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Food Matters is a diet, weight loss and health plan that promotes food as medicine. Conditions like obesity, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety can be treated with the right foods, according to the creators of Food Matters. A feature-length film of the same name reveals information about food production and real life testimonials from people who have used food to improve their lives both mentally and physically. A small amount of information is available on the official website about Food Matters, but the majority is left for viewing in the film. Dieters can purchase Food Matters from the official website or view the movie online.

List of Ingredients

Healthy eating plan to improve health, increase weight loss and treat disease.

Product Features

Film reviews from major players in the weight loss and health industries are listed on the official websites. Dr. Joseph Mercola, Rory Freedman and John Gray PhD all promote the film and the healthy foods choices presented to the viewer. Unfortunately, a film description is not available on the front page of the website, unless the visitor wants to watch a brief video about the movie.

Among the videos offered on the Food Matters website is “7 lbs in 7 days”. The brief video shows the viewer how to make all-natural lemonade from apples and a slice of lemon using a juice machine. Juicing is a big part of the weight loss program, so the dieter will need to invest in a great juicer if daily juicing is required.

We also found the “Take Action” link at the top of the website leads the visitor to a diet and weight loss plan. There are several steps to the plan, including watch the Food Matters film, detox the body, have colon hydrotherapy, purchase a juicer, choose organic foods, eat superfoods, cook healthy meals, practice yoga and meditation and join the community of people on Food Matters.

The film retails for $25, but the dieter wishing to follow the weight loss plan outlined on the website will spend much more than that. A quality juicer alone could cost more than $200. Not to mention choosing organic foods and visiting a colon hydrotherapist.

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  • Information on the “7 lbs in 7 days” diet plan is available free.
  • The film sells from the official website.
  • Viewers can choose to watch the film online for a fraction of the DVD cost.
  • Outlines healthy foods choices for weight loss and improved health.


  • Losing weight on then Food Matters plan is expensive.
  • Colon hydrotherapy is not performed by a physician.


Juicing and colon cleansing offer a diuretic and laxative effect. If this is the basis for the Food Matters diet, we believe the dieter needs to look elsewhere for a healthy weight loss plan.

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