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FoodFit is an online resource for those looking to drop extra pounds or simply become savvier about making healthy food choices in their lives. FoodFit was started by former Undersecretary of Agriculture Ellen Haas and utilizes the expertise of an entire staff of experts in the fields of food, nutrition and fitness. The principles of the FoodFit plan were designed in collaboration with the University of California Davis Medical Center. The website includes food facts, healthy recipes, fitness information and online forums to allow members to converse with one another. There are also interactive tools available, like the Pantry Stocker and Cook it Safe calculators to help you make good food choices for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

The FoodFit website is easy to navigate and chock full of useful information written by experts and backed up by clinical research. There are numerous newsletters that members can sign up for, from seasonal recipes to weight loss tips. Information is abundant and the layout of the website is interesting and fun to peruse. We found little to complain about with the FoodFit website.


The philosophy behind FoodFit is that better health and weight loss can be achieved through a combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. This website will help members get through each season and holiday with lifestyle tips that will keep them in shape and eating nutritious diets any time of the year. The focus does appear to be more on healthy food choices rather than low calorie picks, but we agree that a healthier diet is usually one that promotes weight loss and maintenance most effectively.

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The main element that was lacking from the FoodFit website was information directly focused on weight loss. While a nutritious diet and regular exercise are excellent first steps in any weight loss program, many dieters find they need additional support in the form of an effective weight loss supplement. These herbal solutions will often provide a proven appetite suppressant to control cravings and a fat burner to boost energy and metabolism and help dieters make the most of their workouts.

The best part of the FoodFit network is that it is free to join. Members can also sign up for free newsletters, and have the option to reject other types of correspondence from coming into their inboxes.

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  • FoodFit provides excellent information from nutrition and fitness experts.
  • Membership to the network is free.


  • Weight loss is not specifically addressed on the website sufficiently.
  • Diet supplements are not covered.
  • Signing up for a network and sticking with a weight loss program are two different things.


Those embarking on a weight loss program would reap many benefits from signing up for the FoodFit network. However, most dieters find that it takes more than good information to see a weight loss program through to success. Many dieters use an effective weight loss supplement to provide the edge they need to reach their weight loss goals. Feel free to join FoodFit, but be prepared to do more than read information to see truly significant weight loss results.

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    I want to know what kind of food I can eat for flat belly diet