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Richard Simmons, a popular figure in the fitness world, developed the program known as FoodMover. According to him, FoodMover allows its users to optimize their weight loss and health goals by tracking how much food they eat, how much water they drink, and how much exercise they get.

Although many people try to keep track of food, water, and exercise through journaling, FoodMover uses a different, more interactive approach to prompt its users. The FoodMover is a small purple box containing several windows. Meal cards are inserted into these windows. When an individual has completed a particular meal and met the requirements on the meal card, he or she can shut that window. Also, if the individual consumes enough water or gets the proper amount of exercise, he or she can shut one of the windows relating to water or exercise.

List of Ingredients

FoodMover is a dietary aid but not a nutritional supplement. Therefore, the product has no list of ingredients. However, the program comes with a FoodMover Box, several meal cards, and a couple advice booklets.

Product Features

The purple box is the main feature of the FoodMover program. Supposedly, users will obtain maximum weight loss results through using this box. Each box comes with meal cards in 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, and 1,800 calorie quantities. Also, booklets with advice for choosing foods and planning out meals are included. FoodMover sets are available on the Richard Simmons website for $19.95.

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  • Many people may find the interactive FoodMover box easier to use than a more traditional food journal.
  • FoodMover boxes are fairly affordable.
  • Each box comes with 4 different choices for daily calorie intake.
  • Disadvantages

  • Although each box has four choices in calorie intake, Simmons recommends that users start with the 1,000 calorie limit. Many people will find this limit too restricting.
  • Some dieters may find a simple journal easier and cheaper to use.
  • Dieters with a firm hand on portion control may not find they need the FoodMover box.
  • The FoodMover box may owe its popularity to Simmons’ own popularity in the fitness world and clever marketing.
  • These boxes will not replace the need for personal commitment to a weight loss and fitness regime.
  • Conclusion

    Richard Simmons, a popular name in the fitness world, claims his FoodMover box will enhance many people’s ability to meet their fitness and diet goals. For some people, this statement may contain some truth. However, the box contains no miracle cures. In fact, motivated dieters will likely find the same results from using an everyday notebook to keep track of their food intake and make meal plans. Still, those people looking for something more may want to check out this program.

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      This product in my opinion is a great product to have when ur a busy mom and don’t have time to write down every lil detail of each item u eat. Close the windows as u go, when they are all closed, kitchen is closed !!! :-) Determination and drive while using this product helped me loose 43 lbs. in 2 months :) Its highly recommended!! Thanks Richard:)