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When it comes to losing weight, the basic principle is pretty clear; simply burn more calories than you consume and the pounds will begin to drop. However, tracking those calories, both through food and exercise can be easier said than done. That’s where Foods Database comes in. This online resource will help dieters track the calories they consume in foods and the calories they burn through exercise to ensure their weight loss efforts are successful.

In addition to a database of more than 30,000 foods and numerous exercises, this website provides logs to track your eating and exercising habits, recipes for low calorie dishes and plenty of information about weight loss, nutrition and better health. The website appears to be fairly easy to navigate, although much of the information is apparently reserved for members only. We are also concerned about the fact that we could not find the source of the information provided on Foods Database, making us wonder exactly where all those facts came from and just how accurate they are.

Product Features

Membership into Foods Database offers consumers access to a host of different information, and allows them to track the calories they burn and consume on a daily basis. Logs are available to enter your personal information and plenty of advice is provided on eating right, exercising and weight loss. There are also forums available so members can converse with one another and offer weight loss advice and support throughout the process.

While we like the information that is included on Foods Database, we were disappointed to see that very little was provided on weight loss supplementation. Many dieters find that an effective weight loss supplement makes all the difference in reaching goals by suppressing appetite and providing additional fat burning capabilities. We are pleased to see that membership to the Foods Database is completely free of charge. There is plenty of good information on this website that can help dieters reach their weight loss goals, and they won’t have to spend a single penny to do so.

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  • Foods Database provides information on diet and exercise to promote weight loss.
  • The information and membership is completely free.


  • The website alone may not motivate dieters to reach weight loss goals.
  • We could not find the source of the information provided on Foods Database.
  • The website doesn’t offer information about supplementation.


Joining Foods Database may be a good way to collect information and the ability to log and track your diet progress. However, many find that this sort of program is not sufficient in motivating them to meet their weight loss goals. While we believe a website like Foods Database is extremely helpful, we recommend combining the information with a commitment to a low calorie diet, daily exercise program and effective weight loss supplement for best results.

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5 User Reviews about Foods Database

  • 1

    Where did it go? I’ve lost 25lbs using foodsdatabase and hate that it has disappeared!


  • 2

    I’m a fan of this site and used it to lose 20 lbs. I just came back from vacation to learn it was down. I, too, hope Louis is okay.


  • 3

    I was a member of but recently discovered that the website is down. There was no warning about it. I hope the guy who ran the site is OK. He has all our contact info. I would think that if he planned to shut it down, he would have notified us. I can’t find a similar site to take it’s place.



    I just found this out too. I had been checking for several days hoping it would be back up but seems that it is not going to be. Anyone have any info. on this?



    Where oh where has our foods database gone? My sister and I have been using it since January and lost 46 and 20 pounds!!! I haven’t been able to find any info either. I know it was a free, ad-free, site, maybe he couldn’t maintain it financially anymore. I know they ask for donations. I now wish I had donated. Arrgghhhh!!!