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What You Should Know

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Factor Force Ramp Up claims to utilize the body and mind connection to help the body burn more fat and increase energy levels. There are several other products like it on the market today, so we will take a closer look at this supplement to determine what makes it different. We will also determine whether or not we think it is a viable solution and worth the investment.

List Of Ingredients

Factor Force Ramp Up contains the following ingredients: green tea, salicylate, caffeine, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, marine coral calcium, and a proprietary herbal blend. The proprietary herbal blend is 80 mg and contains cayenne pepper, yerba mate extract, meadowsweet, winter green, bladderwrack, and mustard seed.

Product Features

Factor Force Ramp Up is hard to really evaluate because we are missing ingredients. We know that green tea is one of the most well known and widely used weight loss aids, but in order for it to work effectively, it needs to be used in certain doses. We know there is not enough green tea in the formula to promote weight loss, so we doubt the formula will work like it claims to. At 120 mg per serving, a person would need 10 servings per day (which is not advised to take) to get the optimal amount of green tea for weight loss purposes. The other ingredient in the formula we know has a mild thermogenic effect is caffeine. Cayennne pepper does have a mild thermogenic effect but must be taken in much higher doses than it is presented in the formula. Yerba mate is a stimulant thought to burn fat, but will also need to be taken in higher doses than the product offers. The other ingredients help soothe muscle sorness and promote a healthy digestive system.

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  • Factor Force Ramp Up contains ingredients known to burn fat.


  • Factor Force Ramp Up does not contain enough of any of the ingredients in the formula to produce real fat burning results.
  • The product hides some of the ingredient amounts in a proprietary blend.
  • There are no free trials of this ingredient.
  • There are no money back gaurantees for this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support the product.
  • We do not see any clinical research to back Force Factor Ramp Up.


Factor Force Ramped Up is nothing like what it claims to be. Though it has the tools so to speak, it does not have enough of them in order to produce the real results dieters are looking for.

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