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Force Factor Review - Does This Supplement Work? Are trick "free" trials and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0
Force Factor Review

I recently started hearing a lot of buzz surrounding Force Factor, a dietary supplement that supposedly builds lean muscle quickly. Its claims sounded too good to be true, so I decided to do an in-depth review of the product myself. I examined the ingredients, looked for clinical research, and tried to find out about side effects. I even read through every forum I could find to see what people are saying. Here’s the run-down of my findings, and I hope it helps you make an informed decision!

EDITOR'S TIP: Substitute Force Factor with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What You Need to Know

Let’s jump right in: Force Factor’s headlining ingredient is “Advanced 3x Nitric Oxide Booster,” which is composed of A-AKG, A-KIC, and L Arginine Monohydrate. The “Advanced Nutrient Delivery System” rounds out the supplement, and it includes ingredients like Calcium Phosphate and L-Citrulline. Each container comes with 30 servings, most of which are taken on workout days. One container lasts for a month. When used as instructed, Force Factor claims to build lean muscle, promote endurance (think more repetitions in the weight room), and maximize strength.

Force Factor is a Cambridge, MA-based product that came into existence in 2009. It was supposedly founded by two Harvard rowers, but no real information, such as facts surrounding the company’s founding or the people themselves, is available. The product is available from Forcefactor.com for $59.00 + shipping, and each bottle lasts for a month. We like the ease of use, and the formula for nutrient delivery seems original and interesting. But read on…

A Concern–“Is the ‘Free Trial’ Really Free?”

After looking through a series of online reviews, it looks like Force Factor uses its “Try It Now” option to get people signed up for recurring shipments–all without users knowing. “No matter how interesting a dietary supplement may be, victimizing people who are willing to try your product is not a good business practice,” said our research editor. “If it’s true that Force Factor is leading people into thinking they are only signing up for a free sample and then hitting them with recurring charges to their credit card, the company needs to be held accountable.” Several user reviews mentioned this very problem.

“I received the small sample, and then they sent me a month’s supply. I never acknowledged a full bottle or even accepted the credit card charge,” one user claims. He wasn’t the only one. “I just ordered a free sample. After that, why are you people deducting money from my account and sending me Force Factor every month? I didn’t order anything,” said another. Confusion over the auto-shipping from Force Factor seemed to be a recurring theme.

“Does This Include More Side Effects than It Claims?–Concern #2

Besides the annoyance over shady business practices, Force Factor doesn’t always dish out the great results it promises. In fact, many users claimed to have painful side effects. “I regret taking this product because of dependence and the side effects that show up as follows; inner ear problems, vertigo, joint problems like carpal tunnel, stomach problems and the fun one when you first start a high dose then stop.”

“My blood pressure went out of whack and I almost had a stroke,” said another. “So I’m not going to be taking it anymore. I didn’t feel it do any good.” While the latter review certainly should have consulted with his doctor before taking a dietary supplement, his health alone probably didn’t cause the reaction. “It doesn’t make any real difference in workouts at all,” said a third reviewer.

We’ve noticed that even a small side effect can hinder a supplement’s long-term success; users simply don’t want to put up with side effects or a lack of results. Furthermore, if Force Factor is making returns and auto-shipments a pain to deal with, customers would probably be better off looking elsewhere.

“What Does the Science Have to Say?”

The NIH features many articles discussing the benefits of Nitric Oxide (found in Force Factor), but we can’t find any published clinical studies supporting Force Factor itself. The Force Factor website claims that the supplement has been clinically studied, but why wouldn’t they mention the institution or individuals involved in the study? Without any verification, it’s hard to support a proprietary blend of ingredients that costs $60/month. Beyond that, the side effects associated with Force Factor could use some more clinical research.

What’s the Bottom Line?

I’ve reviewed a lot of supplements, and Force Factor initially had me interested with it’s approach to lean muscle building. It seems to avoid many cliche ingredients, and it’s easy to use. The shady use of auto-shipping doesn’t sit well, though, and some of the side effects mentioned online should be mentioned on the Force Factor website.

If you’re still in the market for a supplement that will promote lean muscle, there are options out there that have more scientific backing than Force Factor and fewer side effects.

One of our favorites this past year was Leptigen, a supplement made from a proprietary blend of four powerful ingredients. These ingredients burn fat and boost metabolism, and we can’t find talk of negative side effects online. Better yet, the online reviews look great.

For the time being, there’s even a special trial offer: this is a company that stands by its product.

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How Does Force Factor Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Force Factor, a sport nutrition product supposedly invented by Harvard competitive rowers, uses amino acids as the basis of its technology. According to the manufactures, these amino acids increase energy and endurance and aid in weight loss. This process is supposedly achieved through raising the amount of Nitric Oxide in an individual’s body.

List of Ingredients

Some of the main ingredients in Force Factor include 3x Nitric Oxide Booster, AKG, A AKIC and L Arginine, and L-citrulline. Three of the most active ingredients are Nitric Oxide, Arginine, and L-citrulline.

Product Features

Nitric Oxide, naturally found in your body, helps your body properly communicate with all its different parts. By raising the amount of Nitric Oxide in the body, exercisers may increase their bodies ability to communicate itself and therefore they may find their workouts more successful.

Argenine, not a naturally occurring substance within the human body, may help strengthen immunity, remove toxins from the body, regulate sodium levels, assimilate protein properly, and increase metabolism.

L-citrulline, an amino acid, supposedly shortens the recovery times after workouts, helps increase energy, removes ammonia from the body, and benefits the liver.

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  • The company claims their product does not cause harmful side effects.
  • Supposedly claims ingredients which help improve the success of a workout.
  • An official Force Factor website makes ordering the product easier.


  • Despite the claims that Force Factor does not cause harmful side effects, users should exercise caution. Introducing any foreign substance into the body will cause some sort of change within.
  • This product cannot replace proper exercise and a sensible diet.
  • The official site has a limited selection of before and after photos. Photos seem focused on after results without much emphasis on the before physique.
  • Many people claim that the company’s free trial period offer is, in reality, a scam.
  • A bottle of Force Factor costs $69.99, a price out of the range of many individuals.


Force Factor may, as the company claims, truly improve workouts. However, as with many workout and weight loss supplements, it may owe its popularity to a few isolated successes and not because it truly lives up to its claims. Even if the supplement does assist in muscle gain and fat loss, the possible side effects could negate this positive. Although the company claims it has no side effects, any substance introduced into the body will have an effect on it. The more unnatural the substance, the more likely the effect will be bad. Fitness fanatics and those wanting to lose weight should focus on more sensible methods such as following a healthful eating plan and exercising consistently. Those still interested in Force Factor should do their own research in order to make an informed opinion before buying.

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  • 1

    Tell me this ingredient Nxo explosive what is this made of Please be specific


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Rudolph, Nitric Oxide, Arginine, and L-citrulline are the most active ingredients.


  • 2
    George Dankwa

    please, i just want to know the side effect of force factor on the kidneys


  • 3
    George Dankwa

    Please, i just want to know the effect of force factor on the kindneys


  • 4
    Jack Kindle

    I ordered another product{test x180} and had to return it because of its alergic effect on me. I have tried the force factor prdunt and found the same thing ,I can,t take it, I would like a refund on this product and don,t ship anymore thanx


  • 5
    Reid Brendeland

    It’s obvious that the models used to promote Force Factor use steroids to acheive their results.


  • 6

    I tried a few of the force factor products. Every time I called to cancel one do to no difference in my workout, they offered to send me a free trial of another product. I naturally accepted hoping to find a supplement that would work. One free sample never arrived, so I called and they said they had no record which was fine. I was just charged however with a full order for that supplement because they said that I never cancelled. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with all of their products and the shitty attitude that they took with me when I asked them to cancel everything. I would NEVER recommend any force factor product to anyone since they do not work and they charged me for a sample that I never got and had supposedly never ordered.


  • 7

    I took Force Factor’s NO booster as directed. It definetly boosted my energy levels, and my wokouts were great. It is available at GNC for <50.00. I got the free trial -after- trying the product.

    I -always- look for those darn auto-buy things. I hate them, and wish FF would cease such unseemly activity. SStill, if you call them you'll get FF at a great price.


  • 8
    thomas yoho

    I got tottally scammed into the auto-buy plan. Beware of tthis kind of sell for geed type telrmarketing. Just because time are difficult for us all, doesn’t mean you have to resort to unethical measures. As Americans we shold be working together to get our geat country restored to it’s past “old glory”


  • 9


    Remember you paid 4 bucks for free trial.. keep an eye on your CC statement they will continue to bill you every month if you don’t call them.. this shit is exspensive do your research bro just helping you out


  • 10

    I just received a bottle of force factor in the mail and all I paid was 4 dollars for shipping. I haven’t taken it yet, can anyone who has taken it tell me the pros an cons of the product?


    Larry Patricelli

    I started taking it last week. I started with 1 at breakfast and then 1 at lunch
    after 3 days i went to 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch, i am not joking, i have had atleast 10 people ask me this week if im working out and telling me how good i look, this product is great, i feel strong, after working out i dont get sore muscles , i just want to keep going, it truly is working, the only possible side affect i had was a bad headache on the second day but then again i cant say it was because of the force factor, all in all i love it and would highly recommend it to anyone.


    Bernard Withers

    how long did u wait until u received your stuff?


  • 11

    can woman take this



    Absolutely. It helps with energy for workouts= better workouts= better results: definition toneness, etc.


  • 12

    I totally agree that those wanting to lose weight should focus on more sensible methods such as following a healthful eating plan and exercising consistently ,instead of using substance whih are not found in vegetables or natural herbs provided by nature.


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