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What You Should Know

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Forever Fit, a widespread gym franchise, claims to offer its customers the highest quality and widest selection in gym equipment. Many people interested in getting a gym membership find Forever Fit answers their desires. The premise the gym operates off of is that the majority of people working out don’t want to just do elliptical training, or just do cardio, or just lift weights. Most exercisers like a variety of exercise equipment to mix up their routine. With that preference in mind, Forever Fit supposedly offers a wide selection of workout equipment.

Since all Forever Fit locations are independently owned, not all of them have the same equipment, prices, or features. Many of them, however, offer group classes for an additional fee. Some locations even have personal trainer options. Also, most locations offer elliptical trainers, treadmills, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, and step machines. Prices vary. However, some locations were recently running a special, selling a three month summer membership for $129. For more information on individual Forever Fit locations, interested individuals should check out the gym closest to them.

List of Ingredients

Forever Fit is a chain of gyms and not a supplement. Therefore, it has no list of ingredients.

Product Features

Most gyms include a wide variety of exercise equipment, allowing exercisers to pick and choose and keep their routine varied. Also, personal trainers or group classes are often available. Those intrigued by Forever Fit will need to find a gym near them to learn what options are available.

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  • Offers a wide variety of exercise equipment.
  • Group classes and personal trainers are often available.
  • Disadvantages

  • Each Forever Fit gym is privately owned. This private ownership means individual gyms have their own features and amenities may differ from location to location.
  • Forever Fit, despite its marketing, doesn’t seem to offer anything out of the ordinary or spectacular when compared with other gyms.
  • Similar weight loss and fitness results may be obtainable through self-motivated exercising at a fraction of the cost.
  • Although everyone should get their exercise, no amount of exercise can replace the benefits gained by leading a healthful life and eating right.
  • Conclusion

    Forever Fit appears to offer some desirable features–a wide selection of equipment, group classes, and personal trainers. Those with a gym in their area may want to check it out. However, exercisers should not get overexcited about finding a Forever Fit location. Despite their positive marketing, the gyms don’t seem to offer much more than most other gyms. If you have a gym in your area that is closer, cheaper, or more to your liking than Forever Fit, stick with it. Forever Fit probably isn’t any better of a choice than your current one.

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