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Forge Nutrition, based out of Carson City, Nevada, produces bodybuilding supplements. The most popular of these supplements is Forge Nutrition Adipokinetix. According to the company, all of their products exceed industry standards in both the areas of price and safety. Their supplements contain no ephedrine and they claim to keep their product packaging as pared down as possible in order to charge their customers less.

Their main supplements Forge Nutrition Adipokinetix supposedly augments the body’s ability to burn fat and gain muscle. In order to do this Adiponkinetix uses Norphenephrine. According to Forge Nutrition, this additive produces a more trustworthy, safer supplement than do products containing ephedrine.

List of Ingredients

All supplements made by Forge Nutrition have their own set of ingredients. In order to find these lists and look into their other products, check out the official Forge Nutrition Website.

Active and inactive ingredients contained in the company’s main produce, Adipokinetix follow: Base Formula (312mg): DiCaffeine malate, Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized for 60% EGCG and 90% catechins), Velvet Bean Extract, Norphenephrine Hcl, Potentiating Formula 250mg, Bergenia Root Extract (standardized for 99% bergenin), Phenethylamine HC1, Synephrine HC1, Yohimbe Hcl. Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, kosher gelatin, titanium dioxide.

Product Features

Some of the main ingredients of Adipipokinetix include norphenephrine, dicaffeine malate, and Yohimbe Hc1. Norphenephrine, supposedly a naturally occurring substance within the human body, stimulates the adrenalines, allowing them to help locate and rid the body of fat cells. Dicaffeine malate, a caffeine substance, supposedly helps in the fat burning process as well but is less likely to upset stomachs than typical caffeine. Yohimbe Hc1 is particularly beneficial in burning fat in the most fatty, cellulite ridden areas such as the stomach, thighs, and hips.

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  • Forge Nutrition’s main product Adipokinetix does not contain ephedrine.
  • The company claims their body building products sell for less money and are safer than many other leading supplements.


  • Norphenephrine may have its own harmful side effects.
  • Adipokinetix can cause issues with pregnant women.
  • Forge Nutrition offers little information about other products besides Adipokinetix.
  • Adipokinetix contains caffeine, a dehydrating and sometimes harmful substance.


Forge Nutrition claims to offer some of the best in nutritional, body building , fat reduction products. According to the company, their products are safer and cheaper than most others currently available. However, those people looking for weight loss supplements may want to be careful about Adiponetix. The product does not contain ephedrine. However, it contains other substance that may be just as harmful to the human body. In fact, Adiponetix comes with a list of harmful side effects, particularly for pregnant women. Those pregnant or worried about any such side effects should give Adiponetix a wide berth.

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