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The Forking Diet has a two-fold concept. First, the dieter eats the largest meal of the day for breakfast, followed by a medium sized lunch and a small dinner. The dinner meal must consist of foods that can be eaten with a fork-only. Not fingers, spoons or knives are allowed during the forking meal. There are several varieties of the Forking Diet available on the Internet with some restricting food drastically for all three daily meals. These are based on the original Forking Diet, but they employ risky eating habits in an attempt to drastically increase weight loss. There is no official website for the Forking Diet, though several online resources explain the diet in detail. Most sources of information on the Forking Diet are located in the United Kingdom.

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Restricted food and meal intake involving a fork.

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There is a long list of foods that are not allowed on the Forking Diet. These include pizza, soup, cereal, cake, ice cream, pancakes, peanut butter and nuts. Any food that requires a knife, spoon or hands, are not allowed. It is important to remember that forking rules on the Forking Diet are for the dinner meal only. Breakfast and lunch can utilize all utensils.

A typical breakfast menu on the Forking Diet may consist of toast, jam, scrambled eggs, yogurt and fruit. This is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day, but the total calories consumed in the example meal may be too little for the average dieter.

Lunch may include a piece of chicken, rice, vegetable and fruit. This seems to be larger than the example breakfast menu. Dinner is the smallest meal of the day and the one meal that requires eating foods that can be prepared and eaten with a fork. The example menu is tuna salad, vegetables and peas.

While the Forking Diet is based on sound nutritional principles, we are not happy the restriction of healthy foods. Eliminating healthy foods from the diet may reduce the intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The Forking Diet costs nothing to follow. There is no official book or online program requiring a monthly fee.

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  • Free diet plan.
  • Supports eating healthy foods.


  • Restricts foods the dieter can enjoy.
  • Healthy foods are on the “not allowed” list.
  • There is no exercise plan associated with the Forking Diet.


The Forking Diet is one of the most difficult diets to understand. We support eating larger meals in the morning and smaller meals in the evening when metabolism slows down. The restriction of healthy foods is a concern, but dieters can use some of the eating techniques to plan a healthy diet for weight loss.

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