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In researching the weight loss supplement Formigen, we were unable to find any retailers online currently offering this product. In fact, we found very little information about Formigen at all. However, we were able to collect enough to help consumers determine whether this product was right for them, in case the availability of Formigen resurfaced once again. This supplement is touted as a cortisol reducer, which is a relatively new, albeit unproven, approach to weight loss. The current theory is that by reducing cortisol levels in the body, one can also reduce the stress that is thought to cause some types of weight gain. While there is some credibility to this theory, scientific evidence is still far from supporting the effectiveness of cortisol reducers in weight loss.

Formigen is not marketed through a product website or any online retailers that we could find. We were also unable to determine the company that manufactures this product. This is our first red flag, since most reputable products are easy to research and purchase from a number of different sources.


Because there is no product website for Formigen, it is also impossible to ascertain what the ingredients in the formula might be.

Product Features

Through some third party websites, we were able to learn the Formigen may contain guanidinopropionic acid (GPA) and rhodiola. GPA is thought to help regulate insulin function and may enhance muscle performance. However, the jury is still out on just how effective this substance might be in these areas. Rhodiola has been used in some Eastern cultures as a nervous system stimulant and sleep enhancer. There is no evidence to suggest that rhodiola might have a positive effect on weight loss.

Since we were unable to find Formigen for sale on any websites, we were also unable to find a price for the product. One website suggested that two to six Formigen capsules should be taken daily with meals, making us wonder if the frequent dosing might have been one reason why the product isn’t more popular and available.

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  • Formigen is advertised as a weight loss supplement that can reduce stress.


  • We could not find Formigen for sale at the time of this review.
  • Little information was available on the product.
  • We don’t believe the formula contains a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner.


There are many weight loss supplements to choose from today, so consumers don’t have to settle for products where little information is available. Formigen does not appear to be available at the time of this review, leading us to wonder why the product has apparently been pulled from retailers. We believe there are safer, more effective weight loss supplements that are more readily available than Formigen.

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