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Formu-Leane Z is a weight loss supplement offered by SupraLife International. The product is available for purchase through the SupraLife website and a small number of online retailers. Formu-Leane Z claims to address a whole host of issues, including fat reduction, weight loss and improved performance. According to the company website, this product is unique in the fact that it can be used successfully by all who desire weight loss, and not just those with specific weight loss needs. We will take a closer look at the Formu-Leane Z formula to see if it really can deliver on all those promises.

The SupraLife website is difficult to navigate and does not boast the sleek look of many professional websites today. However, we are pleased to see that SupraLife does disclose a complete ingredient list for the Formu-Leane Z formula, since this information is essential in helping consumers make savvy choices about the safety and effectiveness of their weight loss products. We do wish that SupraLife would have also provided clinical research and customer testimonials to back the claims of their products, since this is another indication of a company’s confidence in their merchandise.


According to the SupraLife website, the ingredients in Formu-Leane Z include ChromMate, Advantra-Z, guarana, ginko biloba, gymnema sylvestre, gotu kola, ci wu jia, green tea leaf, bladderwrack, RiboCell, porio cocos, creatine, cayenne, juniper berry, dandelion, butcher’s broom, uva ursi and bioprene.

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We understand the company’s claims that they can be all things to all dieters, since they appear to throw everything but the kitchen sink into this formula. We actually prefer small ingredient lists that only contain a handful of active ingredients and no fillers for best results. This formula is so littered with ingredients; we have serious doubts as to whether the active ingredients like chromium, citrus aurantium (Advantra-Z) or green tea can have much effect. We also note that there are many stimulants in this mix, which can have negative side effects like jitteriness, irritability and insomnia. In fact, those with high blood pressure or are pregnant or nursing are advised not to take citrus aurantium. Unfortunately, we did not see any such warning on the Formu-Leane Z website.

At the time of this review, a one-month supply of Formu-Leane Z sells for about $29.50 on the company website. We did not see information about a return policy or money back guarantee on purchases.

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  • Formu-Leane Z includes effective weight loss ingredients like chromium and green tea.
  • The product is sold directly through the company website.


  • Too many ingredients may mean a less effective formula.
  • The price is high compared to similar products.
  • There does not appear to be a return policy for purchases.
  • The high number of stimulants may offer unpleasant side effects for some.


Formu-Leane Z provides some good weight loss ingredients, but nothing that can’t be purchased in other products. With a long ingredient list and many fillers, we believe consumers may find more effective formulas with a few active ingredients through other companies.

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