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Formula 2001 is a weight loss supplement that sells well in the United Kingdom, but has not really hit the global market yet. While it may be available in other countries, it certainly isn’t the sensation anywhere else that it is in the United Kingdom. We will take a closer look at the product to determine if there is any potential benefit to dieters looking to shed a few pounds.

List Of Ingredients

Formula 2001 includes: naringin, black pepper extract, citrus aurantium, theobromine, amino acid blend, vitamin B6 pyroxidine, and chromium picolinate. This is not a full ingredients list, but all that is available from the manufacturer.

Product Features

Since there is not a full ingredient list, one must wonder what they have to hide, but we will take a look at the ingredients they disclose. Naringin is a flavinoid of grapefruit, known to some as a miracle weight loss fruit. Black pepper extract has a number of benefits including: increased nutrient absorption, prevention of hemorrhoids, increasing urination, antioxidant effect to break down fat cells, and alleviation of constipation and gas pain. Citrus Aurantium is an herbal remedy often used in Chinese medicine, also known as Bitter Orange. It is commonly referred to as a legal and safe alternative to ephedra, for fat burning purposes. Theobromine is found in chocolate and several other sources, and acts like caffeine as a stimulant to help burn fat. Amino acids are essential building blocks of muscle and other tissue in the body. Vitamin B6 Pyroxidine is one of the 8 B Vitamins that helps convert food into glucose for energy. Chromium picolinate is a form of chromium designed to better absorb in the human body. It helps with blood sugar regulation to help avoid cravings for the “bad for you” foods.

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  • The product has several weight loss ingredients, many of which are seen in several other weight formulas.


  • Formula 2001 does not list all the ingredients in the formula.
  • The product may or may not be available in the United States.
  • No information is available on the UK company that makes the product.
  • There are no customer testimonials for this product.
  • It is unclear as to whether or not the company has any money back guarantee policies for the product.


Due to the lack of full disclosure of ingredients and their amounts, we do not recommend this product. Though we see several potentially helpful ingredients in the formula, there is no way to tell if there are enough of them in the formula to be effective. At the end of the day, it is better to invest in a product that offers more information and can be trusted to provide what it says it will, or at least provide a satisfaction guarantee.

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    Do you sell formula 1 and how much?


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    How long does it take 2 make a person slim


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    I used this a few years back and it was fantastic I lost 17kgs in 3 months and now I cant find it anywhere.