Formulated Scienes Review

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What You Should Know

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Formulated Sciences produces sports performance supplements. According to their marketing, they produce their products with the highest standards and most cutting edge technology available. Also, they claim to use only the best ingredients.

Those individuals interested in sports supplements may find Formulated Sciences of interests. However, these people would do well to view the company with a wary eye. Even the most well presented companies should be analyzed before giving wholehearted trust, especially if that trust pertains to your own health. Introducing any supplement in your body will create a response, supplement takers will want to make sure the change involved in taking Formulated Sciences supplements is a positive and not a negative before purchasing anything.

List of Ingredients

Formulated Sciences is a nutritional supplement company. Thus, a full list of ingredients is not available. For information on ingredients in each of their products, check out their website or the contact the company’s customer service line. Formulated Sciences claims to produce all their products with high quality ingredients. However, they don’t claim to use organic or naturally occurring substances. For this reason, many people will want to steer clear of the company.

Product Features

Formulated Sciences produces several products. Their products including fat burning aids, pain relievers, and miscellaneous nutritional supplements.

Fat Burner: Formulated Sciences Duzoxin. Pain Reliever: Formulated Sciences Democaine. Health Enhancer: Formulated Sciences Fish Oil Omeg-3, Formulated Sciences Coral Calcium.

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  • Formulated Sciences claims all their products are made from high quality ingredients.
  • Supposedly, they use cutting edge technology to make their supplements.
  • Disadvantages

  • Formulated Sciences claims of high quality manufacturing and cutting edge technology sound like more like unreliable marketing than quantifiable testimonies.
  • The company has a rather small line of products.
  • Despite their emphasis on fitness, the company sells only one weight loss supplement.
  • Their weight loss product, Fat Burner: Formulated Sciences Duzoxin, has a limited availability of before and after pictures.
  • The company seems rather small and not established, despite their claims to the contrary.
  • These products may cause harmful side effects.
  • Conclusion

    Granted, Formulated Sciences markets itself fairly well. However, appearances suggest that all their success hinges on this marketing. Although this assumption may end up untrue and the company may truly produce high quality, cutting edge products. Potential customers would do well to carefully consider before buying. For one thing, the company seems more focused on producing the next new thing in sports enhancement drugs and not focused enough on the safety of their clients. Supplements can cause various health problems. Formulated Sciences needs to take this into account and be more careful in the making and ingredients of their products. Those individuals wanting products using naturally based recipes should probably consider another company.

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