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The Fortex Flex upper body training unit is touted by the company and many reviewers as the most advanced equipment available today to provide an effective upper body workout. According to the manufacturer four exercises, four times a week are all that is needed to achieve the ultimate toned body. It is important to note that the primary purpose of this device is for building muscle mass and sculpting the upper body. It is not marketed as a weight loss device. However, we will take a closer look at the Fortex Flex upper body training unit to see if it can provide weight loss results as well.

The Fortex Flex upper body training unit is available through the product website and a number of online retailers. The manufacturer claims that use of this device is more effective than lifting weights regularly and there are demonstrations of the four basic exercises available on the product website. The exercises all target the upper body with the primary intention of increasing muscle mass and sculpting a more muscular physique. The product website also cites a specific study that was done on the Fortex Flex upper body training unit in comparison to basic weight training techniques.

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The single device contains special sensors and software that can continuously challenge your muscles for maximum toning. Users can choose from a variety of basic programs or customize their own routine to their own unique needs. The device is small enough that it can be taken along to various locations and the workouts can be completed anywhere.

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The manufacturer’s website offers a two-year warranty at the time of this review. Beyond the warranty, there is also a 60-day money back guarantee currently in effect for this product. We believe this is a big advantage for this product since it is important that consumers be able to see how they like the product before getting tied into the purchase.

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  • The Fortex Flex is backed by clinical evidence.
  • The product emphasizes exercise as part of a weight loss program.


  • The Fortex Flex is not marketed as a weight loss device.
  • The product does not incorporate a low-calorie diet or weight loss supplement.


While the Fortex Flex upper body training unit may provide significant results in the upper body workout it will not be sufficient as a weight loss program. Complete programs need to incorporate diet, exercise, and an effective supplement for the greatest results. Fortex Flex may be effective but it is one-sided in its approach to weight loss.

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    I have the Fortex but I don’t think it is working. How do you set it to a more difficult work out?


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    how does fortex flex work?