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The Fortex Flex Electronic Upper Body Toning Device is marketed as a resistance trainer. With just a few minutes per day, users are supposed to see more toned, defined muscles after a few short weeks. Fortex Flex has built in sensors and software which continually work to challenge your muscles to improve. The Fortex Flex focuses on the muscles in the shoulders, upper back, chest, and arms. The Fortex Flex automatically assesses your strength to adjust for a personalized work-out experience.

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The Fortex Flex Electronic Upper Body Toning Device should be used four times per week for best results. There are four work-out modes: personal trainer (strengthen or tone), circuit trainer, and freestyle. The product claims that users see results just by using the Fortex Flex for five minutes per day, even without any other forms of exercise. The air-based strength training system is easy to use, portable, and customizable.

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  • Fortex Flex can be purchased from various online retailers such as for a reasonable price with Free Shipping.
  • The purchase includes the battery and a one year warranty.
  • Online reviews for the Fortex Flex Electronic Upper Body Toning Device are mostly favorable for people who used the equipment as directed.


  • At the time of this review, we could not find an official product website for the Fortex Flex.
  • We were unable to find information related to clinical trials or before & after photos to demonstrate product effectiveness.
  • Fortex Flex is not available in brick and mortar retail stores.
  • Fortex Flex only works the upper body muscles and not the stomach and ab muscles which requires the purchase of a separate device.


For a bargain price of $59.99 from online retailers, the Fortex Flex Upper Body Toning Device might be worth a try. Most of us lead very busy lives with no real time to train or exercise. Not only do people lack daily motivation to get up and exercise, most people just do not know where to begin. The Fortex Flex solves that problem because it is easy to use and barely takes any effort at all. It may give users the motivation to begin a real exercise routine to tone and strengthen the rest of the body as well. Before you begin using any exercise equipment, you should check with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough. The bottom line on the Fortex Flex Upper Body Toning Device is that it is a great product for those who want to see results with a minimum amount of effort. It would be better though if the manufacturer had a better online presence and offered before & after photos of consumers who have tested the Fortex Flex.

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