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Fortune Delight is an herbal tea from Sunrider International, a company that provides a number of herbal foods and beverages, supplements and skin care products. Sunrider is a multi-level marketing company that works through distributors, and the company website appears to be more interested in recruiting new representatives than it is in educating savvy consumers about their products. In fact, it is difficult to ascertain precisely what the purpose of Fortune Delight might be. At first it is touted as a powerful antioxidant and a healthy option to bottled waters and sodas. However, it also claims to be a natural tool for weight loss, with herbs in the mix that are supposed to eliminate fat from the system more efficiently through a gentle cleansing process. We will have to look more closely at the formula in Fortune Delight to see precisely what benefits this tea might offer.

The product is sold through the Sunrider Internation website or through individual distributors. Some of these distributors provide websites so consumers can purchase their products online. We also found Fortune Delight available through a small number of online retailers. It appeared that these online retailers were generally the best source of information, since we were unable to find complete ingredient lists through the company website or online distributors. We would like to note that information like ingredients is essential for consumers to make educated decisions about the safety and effectiveness of their weight loss products. Companies that do not take the time to disclose this information online are generally not companies we recommend.


According to some online retailers selling Fortune Delight, the ingredients found in this herbal beverage include Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract, Natural Juice Extract and less than 1% of natural flavors.

Product Features

While many of these substances are common ingredients for a soothing tea, we do not see anything in this mix to suggest appetite suppression or fat burning capabilities. These are two very important features in an effective weight loss supplement, and without them, we do not believe this formula has the necessary potency to assist the user in shedding excess pounds.

At the time of this review, 10 servings of Fortune Delight tea costs about $13.90. The tea comes in a variety of flavors, including cinnamon, lemon, peach and raspberry. The company does offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all product purchases, which is also available through independent distributors of Sunrider.

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  • The product comes in a tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • The company does offer a money back guarantee on purchases.


  • The Fortune Delight formula does not appear to include a proven appetite suppressant.
  • We did not find an effective fat burner on the formula list.
  • The company website did not provide a complete ingredient list.


If you are looking for a soothing herbal tea, Fortune Delight may be one to try. However, if weight loss is your primary goal, you will be better off with a proven supplement that includes a fat burner and appetite suppressant.

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  • 1

    I am just wondering if fortune delight interferes with blood pressure, diabetic or cholesterol pills. I also have high creatin levels.


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi, Judy. Your doctor would know for certain on your body’s chemistry.


  • 2

    After i drank 10 packet of fortune delight,my pimples goes increasing,and its really pain,what may be the reason?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi, Teba. Be sure to ask your doctor regarding adverse side effects of any supplements you take.


  • 3

    what is the dose reccommended daily



    most often 2 capsules.


  • 4

    dosis of fortune delight ? how does one take that tea?


  • 5

    I want to try this fortune delight because i have uti infection but at the same time i dont wanna lose my weight cause i am already underweight….so please give me advice should i go for fortune delight.?


    Pamela Chan

    Dont worry that you will lose weight by drinking Fortune Delight as this product’s ingredients are made of natural herbs and Fortune Delight will not make a person lose weight if you do not excess fats to lose. This is just a cleansing beverage which will at the same time nourish our body systems.


  • 6

    They claim this is a cleanse for the kidneys. Do you have any information on that? I have kidney problems and would like to know if this tea would help, be bad or do neither for my kidneys. I drank this for several years and stopped about 2 years ago. I really like it but am afraid it might make the kidneys worse. Anyone know?


    Your Name

    This product can not harm you in any way. Sunrider has other products to support kidney health. This assists, as it keeps your body at the proper Ph level. It re-hydrates and provides electrolytes. There is no caffeine in this product, and is made by a master herbalist from China, who has an honorary degree in agriculture, is a biochemist and a pharmacologist.


  • 7

    I feel it speeds up my metabolism and gives me energy without feeling jittery, and assists with digestion. I drink it with a straw because it can stain the teeth. It’s expensive but I’ve missed it for a while, so I think I’ll order some more.


  • 8
    Carlo Castelfranco

    Where do I buy this fabulous herbal drink of lemo flavour? te


  • 9

    My dad always buys products from sunrider, I happened to try fortune delight and it significantly reduced my acne on my face in the next morning. It must be due to the antitoxant in it


  • 10

    Taking Fortune Delight seems to bring on my period. This happens “every time”. Anyone have an explanation as to why this happens? I started Taking it on advise of a ND for my Endometriosis. The ND gave me a vague explanation that I found unsatisfactory. I am no longer seeing her.



    it is to my knowledge that menstruation is the body’s way of cleaning itself. due to the antioxidant and health promoting ingredients in Fortune Delight, it would make sense that it is encouraging your body to clean itself, thus causing your period when you take it. The cleaner your body is, the less it will have to clean itself and your period will lessen in length, flow, etc. hope this helps :)



    Ali what a lot of rubbish….we do not get a period to clean our body…we are females that is natural and the herbs do nothing to it…


    Your Name

    It is you talking rubbish; menstruation does also have a cleaning effect;


    are you a doctor not making sense at all, as period is a natural part of a female body.


  • 11
    Steffan Carden

    The answer as to any benefit of Fortune Delight is in its ingredients. Scientific knowledge in herbology or naturopathic medicine is mandatory to understand the therapeutic benefits of this drink. Answers provided so far are based on personal opinions not grounded in scientific evidence. This formula is effective according to clinical studies avaiable on the Internet IF YOU TAKE THE TIME and do not judge without consulting specialists in the field. STEFFAN CARDEN,N.D.,Ph.D.


    Caryn Connolly

    I agree. I wish that Sunrider would easily list and explain the benefits of the ingredients. I researched them myself before purchasing more. Most of them are anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc. and are really beneficial. I decided to purchase more after this research.


  • 12
    Donna Horton

    Fortune Delight demo shows how oil/fat removal, as it assists the body, and is facilitated by Fortune Delight in water.


  • 13

    I have lost 15 lbs.


  • 14

    Some one gave me this single pack of fortune delight cinnamon. I was wondering if you carry this and if so were do I go to to order it?
    Thanks for your time


  • 15
    Caryn Connolly

    I ran into a distributor at a holistic event and normally would not have considered this. I only tried it because I could add it to my water at work. After using only one box, I lost about 5 pounds. There was no rhyme or reason to it. I left some time in between and recently ordered some more. I have lost a total of 10 pounds from my highest a few months ago. Before I started taking this, my weight wouldn’t budge no matter how little I ate.


  • 16
    Shaun Pursglove

    Fortune Delight is not advertised as an appetite suppressant. It assists in weight loss because is cleanses the body of fats and toxins. The only way to lose weight is through a proper diet and exercise. Any appetite suppressant is a chemical and will only lead to diet failure.



    does it affect your heart beat. if you are a diebetic. over 83 years old



    No I have a heart murmur and never had any issues. No artificial ingredients/ stimulants. Safe.


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