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What You Should Know

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Based out of Heber Utah, Fountain of Youth sells sports performance supplements. Supposedly, their goal is to help fitness fanatics and sports enthusiasts gain muscle, reach their ideal weight, and better maintain their endurance during exercising and sports.

Those interested in the company should check out their website which gives information on product ingredients and pricing and sells some additional products not produced by the company. While looking at this website, interested consumers should make sure to exercise discernment. Fountain of Youth may not live up to its claims, or, like with many other sports supplements, their products may induce negative side effects. Make sure you understand all the facts before purchasing.

List of Ingredients

Fountain of Youth is a sports nutritional supplement company. For information on ingredients in a particular supplement, check out the company website. One of their supplements, Fountain of Youth Multiflex Complete, contains glutamine, condrotin, and MSM, among other things.

Product Features

Fountain of Youth produces mainly sports enhancement supplements. Their line includes growth hormones, joint supplements, weight loss aids, and products to strengthen the immune system. A full list of these products follows in the next paragraph. According to some sources, their two most popular supplements are Fountain of Youth HGH Complete and Fountain of Youth Multiflex complete.

Growth Hormone Support: Fountain of Youth HGH Complete, 100 Capsules
Fountain of Youth HGH Complete, Drink Mix- Raspberry-Lemonade
Fountain of Youth Gerovital GH3. Joint Support: Fountain of Youth Multiflex Complete. Fat Burning and Muscle Mass: Fountain of Youth Ultimate Performance Enhancing Stack 1, Fountain of Youth Ultimate Performance Enhancing Stack 2. Immune Support: Fountain of Youth Colloidal Silver.

Due to the wide variety of their products, pricing for Fountain of Youth products varies, generally ranging from $29.95 to $129.95. Usually costs $75.95 but has been offered for as low as $44.95. On sale, Multiflex Complete has retailed at $19.19.

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  • The company sells weight loss aids and fitness enhancing supplements.
  • Consumes can purchase supplements from various online sites, including the official Fountain of Youth site.
  • Disadvantages

  • The Fountain of Youth line is rather limited when compared with some more extensive leading competitors’ lines.
  • These supplements may cause negative side effects.
  • Most of their pre-sale prices are rather expensive.
  • Fitness enthusiasts could probably safely achieve similar results from leading an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Some of their products contain MSG, a harmful additive.
  • Conclusion

    Fitness fanatics may find Fountain of Youth particularly interesting. The company claims their products helps exercisers and sports lovers in all areas of their game. However, those interested should view these claims with suspicion. Many supplements companies make claims they can’t fulfill. Even if they do fulfill their claims, the benefits may not come without negatives. Make sure to do your research before purchasing from Fountain of Youth.

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