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France Health Slimming Coffee is one of a long list of slimming coffees with questionable ingredients packaged with instant coffee. Slimming coffee is quickly gaining traction in the weight loss industry because coffee is a main source of caffeine. Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism, so why not combine the morning cup of Joe with other stimulants and ingredients to aid in weight loss? However, the ingredients added to France Health Slimming Coffee are not safe for dieting and several have confusing names that the dieter may not recognize. Hiding the true identity of an ingredient by changing the name is not a smart business practice in an industry that requires a certain level of trust.

List of Ingredients


  • Instant Coffee
  • Lingzhi Spore Powder
  • Rose Powder
  • Semen Cassiae
  • Dietary Fiber
  • So On

Product Features

The first indication that this supplement is one to skip is the fact that the ingredient list reads, “and so on.” This means there are other ingredients in the supplement not listed in the product description. These other ingredients could cause overstimulation or interact with prescription medications, but the dieter will never know.

Instant coffee is the source of caffeine. There is no mention of how much caffeine is included in each sachet of France Health Slimming Coffee. Next is lingzhi, an extract from the Reishi mushroom. There is no connection between this ingredient and weight loss.

Rose powder is another questionable ingredient. It could be used to alter the taste of the coffee, but we highly doubt that’s why the rose powder is included. We found no connection between rose powder and weight loss.

Semen Cassiae is another name for cassia seed. This ingredient is included as a laxative, which makes this supplement more of a colon cleanser than a weight loss product. Herbal laxatives also have diuretic effects, as does caffeine, so the dieter may feel dehydrated after using this ingredient.

Dietary fiber could be included as a second laxative or as an appetite depressant. We are not sure because of the inclusion of a natural laxative in the formula.

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  • France Health Slimming Coffee is available for sale online.
  • Some of the ingredients are listed.


  • Not all ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • The formula contains laxative ingredients.
  • Could contain dangerous ingredients not listed.


France Health Slimming Coffee is not a slimming product as much as a laxative product. There is a strong laxative in the formula that will increase bowel movements and could cause dehydration, cramping and diarrhea. We suggest dieters choose a product that lists all ingredients and amounts with testimonials and clinical proof the ingredients are safe and effective.

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