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Many alternative health professionals today are interested in the field of electromagnetic therapy. Proponents of this theory believe that exposing individuals to certain electro fields generated by magnets will produce, within the body, certain desired responses.

One proponent of this theory, Fred Rinker, C.M.T.A., wrote the book Fred Rinker, C.M.T.A.: Magnetic Therapy Today. Fred Rinker’s book discusses the how’s and why’s of electromagnetic therapy–how it’s done and why people believe it works as well as why people feel they need it–and also gives a history of electromagnetic therapy. In addition, Rinker discusses recent research in this field which suggests electromagnets can be used in industry and agriculture and to improve fuel and water as well as in the health food. Despite his theories and claims of recent research, many people feel that Rinker’s believes are flawed. Whether electromagnets really do heal health problems or not, no one should undergo this procedure without the oversight of a doctor.

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Not applicable. Fred Rinker is a health professional and writer. He authored the book Fred Rinker C.M.T.A.: Magnetic Therapy Today.

Product Features

In his book Magnetic Therapy Today, Fred Rinker lays out his views on electromagnetic therapy. The book sells in paperback at many bookstores and can be found at online book, health, and beauty sites. Generally, it retails for $14.95, but certain sites offer the book at a reduced price.

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  • Those people interested in alternative health may find Fred Rinker C.M.T.A’s book of interest.
  • Rinker claims electromagnetic therapy benefits industry and agriculture as wells as fuel and water.
  • Disadvantages

  • Many, if not most, health professionals feel the theories behind Fred Rinker C.M.T.A’s book are flawed.
  • Paying for a doctor to perform this type of medicine can get expensive.
  • Although natural health may often be the right route to take, more reliable methods of healing are available.
  • Electromagnetic therapy cannot diagnose health problems.
  • In the event of a serious medical condition, ill individuals should not use this therapy as a replacement for regular doctor visits.
  • Conclusion

    In his book, Fred Rinker claims that electromagnetic therapy cures numerous health woes, making it out to be a miracle cure. Granted, human bodies do operate on certain frequencies. Therefore, some level of this therapy could benefit those with health issues. However, electromagnetic cannot be a cure all solution. Those with serious problems need to see a doctor. Electromagnetic therapy is an untested field. No one should gamble their health away. This therapy may provide no relief. All those interested in Rinker’s claims should do their research outside of his book. Even if magnets serve to aid in some health issues, all such therapies need to be done in conjunction with a doctor’s care and okay.

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