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What You Should Know

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Free Life, founded in 1995 by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier–the CEO and president of the company, respectively, claims their products lead in the wellness supplement business in the areas of scientific development and efficacy. Whether this claim of theirs is true will need to be decided by the consumer. However, some facts do hint at their possible validity. For example, despite their mere 25 years of business, the company already markets itself worldwide, selling its products in over 26 countries. Still, many businesses manage to market themselves well and achieve success without offering a truly superior product. Potential customers should make sure Free Life really meets its marketing claims before investing their money in its products.

List of Ingredients

Free Life is a supplement company, not a supplement. Therefore, they have no list of ingredients. For more information on individual supplements and their ingredients, check out the Free Life website or call the company directly.

Product Features

Free Life claims to manufacture its products with attention to detailed scientific study. They claim this attention of theirs helps them produce the highest quality supplements possible. A list of some of these supplements follows: Jule of the Orient, TAIslim, GoChi, Himalayan Goji Juice, CardioMate, REVERSE!, Chi3 Energy, 4Sight, Acti-Flex, Daily Edge, DigestiMax, DinoPals, FiberMax, GoLesstrol, Looking Young, OsteoMate, ProstaMate, Women’s Harmony.

Some of their most popular supplements are Jule of the Orient, TAIslim, and GoChi. Jule of the Orient combines Chinese herb with 21 other herbs to create an energy supplement. TAIslim aids in weight loss. And GoChi supposedly benefits the health in 19 ways–more information on those ways is available on the website.

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  • Free Life sells a weight loss supplement, TAIslim.
  • Their website is well-designed and easy to naviage.
  • Free Life markets their products internationally.
  • Disadvantages

  • Free Life does not supply before and after pictures of those people who have used TAIslim for weight loss. Nor do they appear to offer testimonials of its efficacy.
  • Many people will find Free Life’s products too expensive.
  • Free Life may put too much of an emphasis on scientific study and new developments and forget to stick to some of the tried and true methods of health and wellness.
  • The positive effects of Free Life products may be attributed to a placebo effect.
  • No one should take these products without first obtaining a doctor’s okay.
  • Conclusion

    Free Life has at least three things in its favor–25 years of business, 26 countries in which to do business, and claims of careful scientific research. However, many second-rate companies make similar claims. Customers will need to look into the company to see if Free Life, unlike these other companies, at least lives up to its claims. Even if Free Life turns out to be a solid company, consumers need to make sure to get a doctor’s okay first as many supplements can harm the body. Although Free Life may turn out to be a solid company, evidence suggests it has its faults–such as too high an emphasis on cutting-edge research–and consumers should do their research.

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