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What You Should Know

Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is a website devoted to educating the general public about weight loss. This website offers information about the various diet programs that are currently popular and tips for weight loss that can work with almost any program. The website also provides a number of useful tools like calculators and calorie lists for foods that are available from many other sources but no less helpful. While the website is not particularly eye catching, it is easy to navigate and provides plenty of excellent information for those looking for a weight loss program.

The website appears to be written by “real” people who understand the challenges that face dieters on any program. The reviews are written objectively, with the pros and cons laid out so consumers can make their own choices about the programs available. However, when it comes to providing tips about weight loss and fitness programs, we would prefer to see the advice coming from experts in the field. It is difficult to ascertain whether nutritional or fitness experts provide material for freedieting, since the sources of the information aren’t really mentioned.

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Product Features

One of our favorite elements of the freedieting website is that they provide a list of companies offering free samples and trial offers for their products. This information is helpful for many dieters who want to try out a program, but are afraid to invest a great deal of money into a product with only the facts provided on a company website. We also like the fact that this website, as the name suggests, is completely free of charge to anyone who wants to spend some time checking out the many tidbits of information available.

We do believe that freedieting is remiss in leaving out information about weight loss supplements, since these products have become big business in the diet industry in recent years. We understand that any diet program will be challenging to most individuals, since it will require controlling cravings and portion sizes and sticking with a regular exercise regimen. Effective weight loss supplements can provide the edge that many dieters need to see a program through until their goals are met. We feel it would be a positive addition to freedieting to see information provided about such supplements, since not all can deliver on the promises they make as effectively as others.

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  • There is plenty of good information about diet programs available on freediets.
  • The information is free of charge.


  • We were unable to determine the source of some of the diet information.
  • Reviews of diet supplements did not appear to be included.
  • The website is not particularly eye catching.


Freedieting is an excellent source for weight loss information, especially for consumers who are interested in specific diet programs available. However, sources of information are not always verified as experts in the fields of nutrition and fitness. We would also like to see reviews of weight loss supplements that would help more consumers make savvy choices about their weight loss needs.

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