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Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Freedom Weight Loss appears to be a program primarily designed around a DVD lecture series featuring Dr. Carlos Canale, a doctor who developed this program when trying to drop his own excess pounds. His philosophy for weight loss is based on eight-part plan that includes fresh air, sunshine, exercise, rest, proper nutrition, temperance, water and trust in God. Dr. Canale does say that not all of these elements are essential, and that even two or three can have a positive effect. He also talks about learning to eat properly to lose and maintain weight, although the details are not disclosed on the Freedom Weight Loss website.

Consumers interested in the Freedom Weight Loss program can purchase the DVDs and audio series directly from the company website. In addition, the website offers a number of other weight loss books for sale written by a host of different authors. We aren’t told why these particular books are included in the Freedom Weight Loss store, but we assume they must follow similar weight loss principles to the core program. There are also some small kitchen appliances available for purchase; we assume to help with the eating plan that dieters will learn more about through the weight loss program.

to this DVD series.

Product Features

The weight loss program is available on both videos and DVDs, with the 3-DVD series costing $39 at the time of this review. The audio series appears to only be offered on cassette and costs $40 at the time of this review. The set also includes a handbook that is said to complement the video series. The shopping function on the website was very difficult to navigate and products were not clearly listed for purchase. This may make for a challenging and frustrating shopping experience for customers interested in buying the Freedom Weight Loss products.

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  • The Freedom Weight Loss program appears to incorporate a number of healthy habits.
  • The DVDs are reasonably priced.


  • The website is difficult to navigate, especially the shopping functions.
  • Information about the program is sketchy at best.
  • We could not find a return policy or money back guarantee on products.


Weight loss is a challenging endeavor, and usually requires a combination of elements for complete success. While some of the components of Freedom Weight Loss are proven weight loss methods, such as diet and exercise, we don’t feel all of the listed elements are created equal. For example, how can fresh air and sunshine help you lose weight unless you are incorporating some sort of physical activity? We believe the most effective weight loss programs will incorporate sound eating principles with daily exercise and a proven weight loss supplement for best results. Freedom Weight Loss just doesn’t seem to provide enough substance to help dieters achieve their goals.

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